Lit Cigarettes Continue Decline As E-Cigarette Soars In Sales Reports Ego Cigarettes

The cold blue hue of an LED marks out the electronic cigarette, which nevertheless casts a warm glow over the wallet. Ego Cigarettes report record sales of their CE4 Starter Kit.

Smoking was once considered one of the hallmarks of cool, as period shows like Mad Men and The Hour so frequently remind us. Now, however, there has been a sea-change, as health campaigns and taxation has gone a long way toward eradicating smoking reports The public smoking ban put a lot of nails in the smoking coffin, but nicotine is a powerful addiction, and humans are an ingenious species. Now, electronic cigarettes like those created by Ego Cigarettes are seeing a huge upswing in buyers, as the advantages become more and more self-evident.

“In a lot of ways, the anti-smoking campaigns and laws do more to help us than they do to stop smoking,” a spokesperson for Ego Cigarettes said, “we solve every problem modern smokers have.”

It is hard to argue with the logic. The increasing price of combustible cigarettes has been counterbalanced by these cheaply available electronic measures, which themselves are able to hold more nicotine than forty cigarettes in a single cartridge.

Equally, the use of harmful ingredients in the blending of combustible tobacco is significantly side-stepped by the cartridges, which use glycerine and tobacco and emit only water vapor, meaning the by-product is not smoke and therefore can be expelled in public places.

A spokesperson for explained, “An electronic cigarette is a single investment that not only saves smokers a packet, but liberates them from the increasing social stigma surrounding combustible cigarettes. The electronic cigarette is more popular now because it presents an alternative to quitting altogether. The vapour is created from a propylene glycol or glycerin based liquid solution, unlike traditional cigarettes which contain traces of over four thousand ingredients including cyanide. Our starter kit gives users everything they need, including three clearomizers that contain more than fifty cigarettes each- meaning investing in this kit is a genuine saving over normal cigarettes.”

About Ego Cigarettes:
Ego Cigarettes are a provider of electronic cigarettes that simulate the experience of smoking using tobacco-laced aerosol mist. They are safe to use indoors and even on some airlines. Ego Cigarettes provide one of the most comprehensive ranges of e-cigarettes including accessories, flavoured mists and more

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