List of Top Rated Popcorn Makers for 2017 Finally Revealed

Popular Canadian food blogger publishes her reviews of the best popcorn machines of 2017. Says "popcorn poppers are popular christmas gifts!"

Great news for all the foodies out there who love eating popcorn. has proudly released reviews of the seven best home-use and commercial-use popcorn poppers of 2017.

"Buying a popcorn machine is a wise investment. Especially for people who love watching games, movies or TV at home. Or businesses that want to go the extra mile at impressing their customers!" says Regina Braun - owner of the popular food blog.

According to Braun, popcorn has for a long time been a favorite snack by many and thanks to machines becoming more affordable and also easier to operate, owning a popper or two per business or household is very much a reality we live in. Her reviews of the "best of the best" has made it easier for popcorn lovers to decide which machines are worth buying, what unique qualities they each posses, and also which offer the most value for the money.

"We are reviewing the top seven poppers so people can make an educated decision on which one is the right investment for them." insists Braun, referencing the two popcorn maker reviews on her blog. "Whether it’s a microwaveable popcorn bowl, air popper, or even a fancy commercial popcorn machine, they all ultimately do one thing: they pop corn. So it all comes down to how people want their corn popped!"

To help buyers make an educated decision, she created an informative chart in which she rated all the popcorn makers based on their brands, pricing, output capabilities and other useful parameters. The comparison drawn for the best popcorn makers of 2017 has helped popcorn lovers decide which one to pick. "For example, party lovers who host large parties on a regular basis often order the Great Northern Movie Theater Style Popcorn Machine. It has a mighty serving capacity of 48 cups, while the Lékué Popcorn Popper Bowl is more nimble with its 12 cup serving capacity, yet is often a more suitable choice for smaller families.

According to Braun, popcorn kernels are cheap and easily available in every major grocery store, but few places actually sell popcorn poppers. Which is why she went through the hard work of finding and reviewing the best ones on her site.

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