List Of Longboards 2016 Released By Longboardsforbeginners.Com

A list of the best longboards in 2016 has been published by Jake Fields on, an independent consumer website that provides in-depth reviews and buyer guides in the longboards market has just published their latest guide that reviews this year’s best longboards.

This guide, includes an in-depth guide that discusses various factors that one should keep in mind when purchasing a longboard. Also included in the guide is a list of the best longboards in 2016, and their respective reviews citing their features, pros and cons.

Some of the top recommendations mentioned in the guide include the Quest Super Cruiser Longboard that’s ideal for downhill racing and cruising, Volador 42 inch Freeride Longboard which is ideal for more active boarders and the Atom Drop Through Longboard which is ideal for riders but cannot be used for downhill racing. Take a look at the consumer guide for the best longboards in 2016 right here.

In addition to important factors that should be considered when buying a longboard, Jake Fields also depths into the differences between skateboards and longboards, as well as their benefits. The guide also discusses the various types of cruiser longboards, downhill longboards, downhill longboards and other types. It discusses the significance of protective gear when using longboards and goes further to provide answers to frequently asked questions by beginners.’s consumer guides provide a step by step process that’s understandable and offers educative information on how to choose the right choices based on customer needs. Once a consumer has known exactly what they want and how to find it, they can go ahead and buy it. This particular guide starts by defining longboards, the reviews the top 3 products before highlighting factors to consider during the purchase process and other important information that consumers should be aware of. It is easy to follow and of great benefit to customers.

About Longboards For Beginners is an independent consumer website that provides advice, reviews and product recommendations to consumers. The website is designed and developed for beginner longboards who are looking for information on getting the best longboards. The website also covers trucks, wheels and bearings as well as brand reviews. For the site owner, it’s not just about finding the best longboard. It’s about finding the perfect longboard that meets specific needs of individual beginner longboarders.

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