Linked Equipment and Capna – Scalability Through Modularity

Linked Equipment and Capna Systems announce a joint effort to provide fully turnkey Ethanol Extraction systems that can process up to 3000 lbs. of biomass in a 10-hour shift with as little as a 1500 sq. ft footprint

Phoenix, AZ. Wednesday December 11th: Through collaboration, Linked Equipment and Capna have developed a turnkey modular solution using Capna’s Automated Large Ethanol System (ATLES) and Linked Equipment’s dynamic intermodular steel portable modules.

With our integration you will be able to process up to 3000 lbs. of biomass in a 10-hour shift using only a 1500 square foot footprint. You can read more about the joint effort here:

As your company grows, Capna Systems and Linked Equipment modules are both designed to scale right along with you. If your capacity needs outpace your operation, you can easily expand your throughput by adding components from preexisting Capna® Extraction Platforms, including their premier Atles or Ares systems. Capna has a “design-for-scalability” operational philosophy that allows operators to plug-and-play Capna® hardware and scale their extraction process. Read more about Capna’s ATLES here:

Linked Equipment provides the finished steel enclosures to hold all that great Capna equipment. Linked Equipment modules are designed to work together (linked), so as your company grows you can easily add modules as you need them. Working with CAPNA Linked Equipment has designed turnkey modular containers to house the Capna ATLES system. We have designed room to grow (space set aside to add additional ATLES systems to the module).

As your needs grow you can add more ATLES units without having to run out and immediately buy more modules to house them in. By using portable prefab units you can be operational in a fraction of the time of a standard build from scratch. Read more about Linked Equipment modules here:

Using Capna systems in Linked Equipment modules a company can begin modestly and easily add components to increase yield as you need it, not before. According to Mark Pike, Founder/President of Linked Equipment, “this didn’t just happen. Providing scalable turnkey solutions for our customers was a business decision that both companies made early on. Providing customers, the best of both worlds (scalability and modularity) has to be part of your DNA. It takes planning and design experience that most providers today just do not have.”

Scalability and ease-of-use have been part of Capna’s DNA since day one. According to Chris Salinas, CFO of Capna Systems, ““Capna designs its systems for scalability and ease of use and Linked Equipment is known for turnkey modular facilities. With our equipment preloaded in a portable certified lab, customers will be able to start producing and generating revenue much faster.”

About Linked Equipment
Linked Equipment designs and manufactures dynamic intermodular steel building units (modules) for cannabis, hemp & CBD grow and extraction labs. With over a decade’s experience in manufacturing buildings made from shipping containers they are able to produce safe and effective growing environments, extraction labs, vaults, kitchens, storage units, and much more.
Phoenix, Arizona
Founded: 2009
Privately Owned
Employees: 12, Linked Enterprises (sister company): 5
Industry: Cannabis
Product: Extraction & Grow Modules

About Capna Systems
Capna Fabrication is an industry-leading extraction equipment manufacturer and research facility based in southern California whose mission is to research and develop safe, innovative ethanol extraction technologies for the cannabis industry.
Sylmar, California
Founded: 2016
Privately owned
Employees: 28 (Capna Labs (sister company): 25)
Industry: Cannabis
Products: Extraction systems

To learn more about Linked Equipment, and the services they provide, visit their website: Linked Equipment.

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