Lingham’s Jewellers Recreates David Beckham’s Engagement Ring Using Cutting Edge Tech

Lingham’s Jewellers use the latest in 3D CAD, computer aided milling and laser cutting technology to create stunning jewellery, they showcased this by recreating Beckham’s engagement ring.

Rings are not only a piece of jewellery, but are often used to denote a commitment. Engagement rings, wedding rings and even so called chastity rings all evidence commitment, and have become beautiful works of art to express how much an individual means to their loved ones. In order to demonstrate true uniqueness however, a bespoke ring is the only way to go. Lingham’s Jewellers of Melbourne are specialists in designing stunning rings for men and women, and to demonstrate their skills and expertise they have perfectly recreated David Beckham’s famed engagement ring.

The Beckham ring was part of a matching set with the one he offered for his wife’s hand in marriage, and features 96 diamonds, reportedly worth US$200,000. Lingham’s Jewellers have perfectly recreated the ring using 3D Cad, computerized milling technology and high precision laser cutting.

The technology is only half the story however, as the designers themselves must have both an artistic eye and an engineer’s mind to create pieces as impressive as this. The father and son team hold multiple awards for their work, and such expertise is evident through the collections they have available for sale. Due to the bespoke nature of the craftsmanship customers must apply to buy a ring to be furnished with a price.

A spokesperson for Lingham’s Jewellers explained, “We created the Beckham ring to showcase the capabilities of our jewelers and our workshop, taking one of the most famous engagement rings of all time and replicating it perfectly as an example of what’s possible. What we find more exciting however is the possibility to create intricate, beautiful and original creations using the same capabilities, designing rings that may well outshine even the craziest celebrity diamond. We create the vast majority of the jewellery we sell in-house, so simply check out our catalogue for more examples.”

About Lingham’s Jewellers:
Lingham’s Jewellers has a fully functional, state of the art workshop on the premises, producing more than 95% of the jewellery they sell, designed and created by a multi-award winning father and son team. The company is able to produce bespoke designs using cutting edge technology as well as their extensive range of wedding, engagement, and general men’s and women’s rings, bangles and unusual items.

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