LilTonyRose, a.k.a. Rap Therapist, Pours Out His Heartbreak and Raw Experiences in New Songs

LilTonyRose can be seen and heard on several social media platforms like: YouTube, Instagram, Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud and Tidal.

LilTonyRose has been launching one successful project after another, such is his command over the rap genre. Surprisingly, this rising star is still in his teens, and at this age, carries scars of many battles he has won in order to make it here. To sample, here are some of his recent works:

God's Plan Part 1:
Ride (official video):
The Chronicles (Rod Wave Remix):
Tales of Jahayra:

A little search reveals this presence on all major social media, from YouTube and Instagram to Apple Music and Tidal. LilTonyRose sings his heart out, and then shows great talent as he shoots with a camera and edits the videos. Not only personal works, he is also open to working with other brands.

It was just a few years ago that LilTonyRose was in college at Texas State University from 2016-2017. Dropping out due to lack of finance, he worked at Taco Bells for two years, saving money. He was only 17 when he decided to take up music as a career. He knew early on he had to give his everything if he were to make it.

The hard work paid off, and those sleepless nights in the studio turned into a success story that can be seen and heard everywhere today. LilTonyRose has handled it quite well, using these as motivation to work even harder and grow in the music industry. LilTonyRose is focused not just on getting a great music career, but also sharing his story on platforms to encourage other teenagers who may have a dream to succeed in life but are going through hardships.

LilTonyRose dated Jahayra Corral, and his heartbreak can be felt in the single, ‘Tales of Jahayra’. He is currently not romantically involved. When he is not busy making music and working, LilTonyRose spends his time relaxing at home, watching a good movie, and some of his favorites are: The Notebook, Dear John, Safe Haven and Nicholas Sparks.

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