Lil Hustlaz Present IRL Jewelry Marketplace – The Hustle House

Lil Hustlaz is a collection of 10,000 unique avatars randomly generated from over 260 traits. The project’s leaders are introducing The Hustle House, the world’s first blockchain-based jewelry marketplace.

Each month, dozens of new NFT projects emerge on blockchains. Some are trying to catch the latest trends, and some are bent on setting the latest ones. Lil Hustlaz falls into the category of revolutionaries – projects helping the industry perform a quantum leap and progress a century’s worth of time in mere months.

Lil Hustlaz is committed to providing its community with utility, value for the money, and opportunities. Furthermore, the project broke out of the fully digital approach to non-fungible tokens, introducing a physical element to project utility:

“We are one of the only PFP projects tying the value of valuable physical goods to NFTs. We’re not talking about sweatshirts but high-end custom jewelry, real gold and diamonds, custom sneakers, luxury digital NFTs, and more. We have secured partnerships with are already designing custom jewelry pieces for our store.”

Lil Hustlaz is set to hold a public launch on February 25. The company points out that no presale or whitelist will take place, stressing the importance of pushing a fair mint. This approach will give all minters an equal chance to accumulate their supply.

The project’s team is diligently working on The Hustle House right now, an exclusive IRL jewelry marketplace based on the blockchain. The Hustle House presents Lil Hustlaz token holders with an opportunity to purchase authentic jewelry with the community’s digital currency:

“Welcome to the only place in the world where you can buy real-life jewelry on the blockchain. Diamond grills, 24k gold chains, plain jane, rings, and pendants - you name it, we got it, thanks to our top-tier jewelry supplier.”

As per Lil Hustlaz roadmap, the project’s first stage revolves around complementary airdrops to early adopters and supporters. The project will airdrop 100 Lil Hustlaz, making the first steps towards creating a community.

After gaining enough followers and building its finances, Lil Hustlaz will present $HSTL – the token that is the foundation of the utility of the whole project. Fully audited and created with leading tokenomics experts. Their goal is to create a valuable and sustainable economy within their projects universe.

Additionally, Lil Hustlaz plans to have their sister collection launched, allowing the ability of breeding Hustlaz to create Lil Babiez. Lil Babiez will have extraordinary staking IRL benefits for those who take advantage, giving the real hustlaz the edge in the economy created.

The end goal of Lil Hustlaz is to bind digital non-fungible tokens with physical backed jewelry NFTs. The Hustle House online store will be the catalyst between redeemable tokens and purchasable real-life jewelry pieces.

More information about Lil Hustlaz, the NFT, and the whole project, is available on the company’s official website.

Contact Info:
Name: Perrin Moncur
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Organization: Lil Hustlaz
Address: United States

Release ID: 89062888