LifeTricks Publishes New Life Hacks For Health, Diet And Fitness Fans

LifeTricks has published a new collection of great tips to help people get fitter faster, covering ways to make dieting easier using tips from other users and celebrities.

Life is hard, but it’s a lot easier than it used to be. It’s perhaps because of the ease and convenience of life, and the ready availability of cheap but satisfying unhealthy foods, that so many people are looking to lose weight. As a species LifeTricks like things to be easy, and, LifeTricks has found ways to make difficult aspirations easier to achieve. They recently published a new collection of Diet and Nutrition tips to capitalize on their rapidly growing audience.

The site formats all its knowledge in tiled imagery with overlaid titles, and every life tip they publish fits onto a single image, to make them easy to digest and share with friends.

The category function allows individuals to look through collections including diet and nutrition and related groupings like fitness or personal care to quickly get the best of the new and classic material.

The collection of Diet and Nutrition life hacks includes helpful advice and quick tricks to improve results. For instance, one hack explains that skipping meals sends the body into fat storage mode and actually harms weight loss attempts. Another suggests starting the day with fruit as it’s high in nutrients and insoluble fibre while low in calories, helping people feel fuller for longer.

A LifeTricks Community Coordinator explained, “The new collection of diet and nutrition hacks that were added by members of the site, show that users love not only learning but also sharing useful tricks to make dieting easier. They are aimed at getting people into a healthy lifestyle without the agony of having to constantly battle with yourself to maintain will power. By preparing several days of meals in just two hours, for instance, individuals can make their good intentions last longer and prevent themselves from slipping back into bad habits. Indeed, we have also seen some tricks posted that share popular celebrity weight loss tips to give people inspirational role models to keep them motivated too.”

About LifeTricks:
LifeTricks is a website dedicated to creating easy and fast ways to make life better without the need for large investments of time, energy or money. The site aims to disseminate clever uses of everyday materials and processes that can help people lead happier, more efficient lives.

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