Lifetime.Chat – An Excellent Method For Marketers To Have Real-Time Conversations With Website Customers And Improve Business Conversion

For those who are in search of an efficient method that allows them to increase their business conversion and customer satisfaction, Lifetime.Chat by Richard Madison is what they are looking for.

According to recent studies, 44% of customers say that the most important reason they complete an online transaction is because a live person was available to answer their questions. In addition, there are 63% of consumers saying they were more likely to return to a website that offers live chat compared to one that does not. These figures prove that live chat plays a critical role in helping marketers improve their customer satisfaction, and generate their revenue as well.

However, the problem with regular live chat service is that marketers have to pay expensive monthly fees even if they only chat with a single client. Also, marketers have to pay even more in case they want to make use of the chat platform to serve multiple sites that they own. Fortunately, Lifetime.Chat is now available to help marketers deal with all these problems.

Lifetime.Chat allows marketers to have real-time conversations with their website customers. It offers their customers ability to contact them instantly and communicate in real-time. Not only that, this is the only Live Chat service where marketers pay once and have no recurring fees.

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Marketers now have the ability to handle up to six customers simultaneously per support agent. The service allows marketers to easily see those who are on their site, where they are from, what pages they have visited. Not only that, marketers also have the exact details of how often their website visitors have communicated with their team before, as well as transcripts of past discussions. Lifetime Chat creates an opportunity for marketers to proactively reach out to a customer that has been on their site for a certain amount of time and offer them help.

Once users start employing Lifetime.Chat, they will get everything they need to increase their communications with the customers. The product provides its users with all account like agent transfer, visitor tracking, visitor location, emoji, canned messages, etc. Besides, it has detailed reports to help marketers manage their business as well as learn what their team needs to improve according to customers’ feedbacks.

When marketers have someone visiting their website, they will have access to all of his information including location, trails, chat history, and more. Also, with a 90-day chat history, marketers can go back and see what questions, roadblocks every consumer experienced to make sure that they do not have any problem this time and in the future.

Another advantage of Lifetime Chat marketers can easily have is that the platform infrastructure does not put all Live Chat client accounts in the same database as other Live Chat services often do. As a result, this facilitates marketers to have stronger protection for their customer data.

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According to the producer, Lifetime.Chat was designed to work on any of these different types including websites, eCommerce sites, stores, blogs, support portals, 404 pages, lead capture pages, video sites, photo galleries, client onboarding, internal / intranet, FAQ pages, and many more.

Everyone knows that it is not easy to run a business; especially when their autoresponder, web hosting, and other business tools require them to pay recurring fees every month. However, this is not the case with Lifetime.Chat. After their initial purchase, marketers can start using this platform month after month, without paying any extra fee.

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