Life saver for parents: Grownsy launches baby milk bottle warmers & nasal aspirators

Grownsy provides a wide range of baby products to make parents' lives easier.

As a quick-responsive baby products company, Grownsy is always targeting and adjusting its products from the customers and markets. It is proved that they get the good effect by providing good quality and services to customers.

Baby product company Grownsy starts with the baby milk bottle warmer, the founder of it is the father of twins. The crying baby in the night gave him the aspiration to research and design the product, as there was no such machine that could heat the milk quickly as his wife is formula feeding. 389 days and nights make it out on the market, it gained a great triumph when it’s on sale.  

Traditionally, parents feed the baby with breast milk or formula feeding, the former feed is in normal temperature and the baby could be satisfied at any time if the mom wants to feed them; the latter one-formula feeding is restricted by many aspects, hot water, milk powder and cools it to moderate temperature. Thus, the last factor is most important, it could ease the hungry baby in time.

With a small and portable appearance, Grownsy milk bottle warmer meets the parents’ need of heating and warm the milk quickly, they could feed their baby at any time when the babies are hungry. Meanwhile, More and more women are independent, although being a mom, they still need to work. Sometimes, they use a breast pump to pump the milk and freeze the pumped milk in the fridge. For this situation, they thaw the milk by boiling water, or they have another choice, use the Grownsy milk bottler warmer.

With a small bottle, Grownsy milk bottle heater features 6 functions in one. They are fast warming, food heating, warm keeping, steaming, defrosting, and timer functions. With thousands of user researches from customers, the most frequently used functions are fast warming and defrosting. This do-it-all machine deserves to be The Best Gift to Babies in growing families, whenever your lovely baby wants to eat.

The fast-warming function of this machine allows the temperature goes to 104°F/40°C within 3 minutes with the volume of 4oz/120ml milk in the Grownsy milk bottle warmer, which means the parents could ease the clamoring babies with 5-8minutes. Thermostat System: This machine supports preset for up to 24 hours, constant temperature mode can make the milk warm at any time. Also, heating with warm water is healthier than other products for infants.

Another product of Grownsy is quite beneficiary on winter days to babies, as sometimes newborn babies are more fragile to get cold on winter days somehow. Grownsy introduces baby nasal aspirators, and the below supportive features solve the congested nose of babies.

Severe chosen food-grade silicon material is used when designing and researching this product, it’s harmless to babies’ gentle inner skin. The sucker grade is divided into 3 adjustable levels, from the weaker, moderate to stronger levels, an appropriate lever could be used to be suitable for the baby or toddler, which makes it easy and effective to clear fluid or mucus within your baby's nose, solving or relieving the nose congestion condition.

Another obvious and attractive point of this Grownsy nasal aspirator is adopting light and music-soothing functions on the electric booger sucker, with lower noise, which will make the babies enjoy this nose cleaning and make the cleaning progress easier and quicker. The ergonomic shape and LCD display make the baby aspirator easy to use. Generally, the parents could use it on their own, with no need for others’ help. The part of the baby nose suction is transparent and removable. The users could easily clean it by rinsing it in warm soapy water according to the instruction. The rechargeable baby nose suction machine is with a long battery that could be used for 30 days after being fully charged. Meanwhile, this lightweight baby nose cleaner comes with a storage case that allows you to pack the aspirator and tips neatly or take it on any trip.

Being a fast-developing baby product brand, GROWNSY is still on the way to research and develop more useful products for parents, to make them easier to feed in daily life. Grownsy will keep on creating more modern and thoughtful baby products for parenthood.

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