Life & Food Inc. Presents the Purest Raspberry Ketone Product Available Online

Life & Food Inc. Launches 65% discount on their Raspberry Ketone product.

Life & Food Inc. proudly presents the purest form of raspberry ketone currently available online. Customers choosing to purchase this product need to watch for discounts over time as subscribers, during the month of May, will receive a 65 percent discount which will only be available to them. "Life & Food Inc. likes to reward loyal users and the discount program is one way to do so," Lovella Inso of Life & Food Inc. declares.

Customers must be aware that not all supplements containing raspberry ketones are created equal. Companies claiming to offer pure raspberry ketones often provide customers with cheap fly by night products, ones which won't work as pure raspberry ketones do. "Claims for 100 percent pure raspberry ketones supplements tend to be exaggerated so consumers must be informed as non-pure products flood the market regularly," Lovella Inso continues.

Those supplements containing Razberi-K(R) provide the authentic ingredient which has been tested. Dr. Tim Ziegenfuss of The Wadsworth Medical Center in Ohio conducted original trials for weight loss research on these ingredients and foundthose using this authentic ingredient saw the desired results. "Many believe they must pay more for quality raspberry ketones, but this is not the case. The ingredients for quality supplements tend to be cheap. Users shouldn't have to pay more than $20 for a 60 count bottle of authentic supplements. Dr. Oz pointed out the average cost of these products on his television show," Lovella Inso goes on to say.

Consumers turn to Life and Food Inc when purchasing raspberry ketones for a number of reasons. Life & Food Razber-k Raspberry Ketones, a premium grade product, contain ingredients which are clinically proven and trademarked to be the purest on the Internet. Bottles of 250 mg raspberry ketones contain 120 capsules while most manufacturers offer 100 mg raspberry ketones in 60 count bottles. Each bottle costs $22 and, with the use of a special coupon code, users receive the authentic product for only $12. Each bottle is produced in an FDA approved, high standard GMP manufacturing facility located in the United States. "Consumers know and trust products offered by Life & Food Inc. Anyone looking to make use of raspberry ketones need look no further than this company when purchasing," Lovella Inso states.

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A trusted manufacturer and online retailer, Life & Food Inc. provides consumers with the highest and purest quality natural health and dietary supplements. The company's mission continues to be to provide customers with supplements which will be of most benefit to their health. Life & Food Inc. carries products from some of the most trusted brands in the industry, including MaritzMayer and Life Extension Laboratories, along with their own brand of health products and supplements. Every Life & Food supplement undergoes thorough testing for efficacy and purity in cGMP facilities so customers have confidence in what they are purchasing.

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