Life Changing Dental Implants Offered by Layton Utah Dentist

Dr. Kip J Jones, of Layton, Utah, offers the latest in dental implants, and is explaining the dental implant process in a new online video.

Dental implants can be life changing for people who have lost teeth to decay, gum disease or injury, as they can eliminate the embarrassment and inconvenience of dentures. Dr. Kip J Jones, DDS, of Layton Utah, knows this, and wants to provide dental implants to his patients, and ease their minds about the procedure. Dr. Kip is known for bringing the best care, and latest technology to his Layton Utah dental practice, and in keeping with that reputation, he has created a new online video where he explains his dental implant procedure. In the video (which can be viewed here), Dr. Kip explains how he uses a 3-D imaging x-ray unit to visualize a patient’s bones, sinuses and nerves in order to place a dental implant tooth in just the right position and depth. He wants a dental implant to look and function exactly as if it grew there.

Dr. Kip acknowledges that dental implants can be expensive, but through his price bundling of the x-rays, preparatory treatments and implants, he can offer a very competitive dental implant price.

If you are looking for dental implants in Utah from a caring Utah dentist, call Dr. Kip J Jones and schedule a free consultation.

About Kip J Jones, DDS Family Dentistry:
Dr. Jones was born and raised in Utah and attended Utah State University and dental school at Virginia Commonwealth University, and received advanced education in General Dentistry residency at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado. During his time in Colorado he was awarded a medal of commendation from the Air Force for his exceptional work as a wisdom tooth removal specialist. He has a beautiful family and is happy to be practicing in Layton Utah.

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