License Plate Records Can Now Be Accessed Online With allows the general public to access License Plate, VIN and driving records without going to the motor vehicle office. is an online database resource that gives people access to U.S. public records online such as license plate records, VIN number records, driving records, criminal and incarceration records, arrest records and many more. The website consists of free tools for users to use as well as a premium membership plan. With the free tools, users get access to basic public information and searches without having to sign up. also offers a premium membership that allows its members to access to very detailed public records and have the ability to perform unlimited searches on vehicles, people and property.

The ‘License Plate Search’ feature of the website allows people to get detailed information about a vehicle and its owner by entering a license plate number and state. Results from the license plate search typically include; vehicle owner information, VIN number, make & model, recall and safety information, engine type, interior options and dozens of other vehicle specifications. Then if the vehicle’s owner information is available it’s possible to lookup their public information, criminal background (if any), traffic citations, DUIs and police records.

Search Quarry’s ‘License Plate Search’ can be useful when purchasing a vehicle, finding the owner of a vehicle, a hit and run or just finding all the details of a vehicle someone owns. This is all publicly available information that is accessible for any person to lookup. This license plate search service can be performed from any device that has an internet connection. “Most people run a License Plate Search on mobile devices since that’s the primary device someone has on them,” stated by a company representative and continues to say, “It’s the most convenient way for most people to lookup license plate information when they’re on the go.” can save people the effort of visiting the motor vehicle office physically, making all the public records available at the click of a button. The company spokesperson adds, “The website is user friendly and can even be used by those who are not tech savvy.” To access the premium Search Quarry services a 5-day trial is offered for $2.95 to test drive it before opting for a membership plan. Once the 5 day trial is up then the membership will continue at $19.95 per month. As an added value, Search Quarry offers Free Identity Monitoring with their monthly membership.

About The Website is a public records resource utility based in the United States that has aggregated over 2 billion public records. It consists of a paid member’s area along with several free tools which are created to help locate and access public records online. Unlike other websites that make their customers pay extra for additional searches, provides unlimited searches for it’s members.

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