Liberty VPS Offer Free Speech VPS and Web Hosting For Oppressed People & Journalists

Liberty VPS enables individuals under oppression or censorship anywhere in the world to make their presence felt online, anonymously, through offshore VPS and web hosting services.

Freedom of speech is considered one of the essential rights of any modern, progressive society, and is an essential tool for combating corruption and abuse by those in power. When freedom of speech is not available to individuals, they must seek other means to be heard, and this can often be dangerous. LibertyVPS believes passionately in freedom of speech, and can offer truly anonymous and untraceable web hosting and VPS services to journalists and individuals seeking to get their message out from under oppression.

Their offshore datacenters in the Netherlands allow anyone from any country to escape internet censorship laws or personal restrictions, by accessing a virtual private server. Paying by BitCoin allows people to keep their payments completely anonymous through BitPay. The company can even create Remote Desktop Protocols so that individuals can log into devices anywhere in the world through the VPS, ideal for journalists.

Their free speech webhosting can allow people to tell their stories and blow the whistle on activities in a public way that may not yet have been common knowledge. Sites like shed light on personal stories of deep and disturbing injustice using these servers. This makes it impossible for oppressors to prevent information being exposed.

A spokesperson for Liberty VPS explained, “We understand that today’s world is a lot more complex and dangerous than ever before, because the dangers are so much less concrete and tangible. The methods of oppressors have become far subtler, to the point they are often cloaked from public view altogether. We want to counteract this by restoring the rights of oppressed individuals, journalists and others to free speech, and our high speed, high quality, anonymous server packages are the best way for people to fight back.”

About Liberty VPS: Liberty VPS can offer private, secure and anonymous offshore hosting to customers through top of the line datacenters in The Netherlands. Our offshore VPS is fast, secure and anonymous. With instant set up, secure and anonymous payment processing including BitCoin support, and up to 1 gigabit linespeed per VPS, their products are aimed at those who wish to remain anonymous, or who need to channel information offshore in order to circumvent censorship attempts.

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