Liberty Cup – The Leading Provider of Menstrual Cup Originating in France

Liberty Cup tells about its company and the menstrual cup it offers.

Periods are a tough time for most women. If a woman is not having cramps, she should ensure that she is well protected during her heavier days. Some women usually wear a maxi pad or tampon. Others have to use both and change them more often. But, there is a highly convenient and eco-friendly way for every woman to go with her flow by using menstrual cup. Menstrual cups have rapidly turning out to be a trendy alternative to pads and tampons. Liberty Cup is proud to be a reliable provider of menstrual cups in France that meet European standards. It is among the few menstrual cup brands available in all large and small pharmacies across France. In addition, its products are ISO 17025 certified for excellent quality globally.

As the pioneering brand in France, menstrual cups at Liberty Cup are made to be "small yet pretty" ideal for Asian women. It is quite a fantastic health care product in "strawberry day" that no girl can ignore. With incredible softness and ease to embrace the vagina, Liberty Cup is considered the "ideal choice for beginners". Not much hard to develop abdominal discomfort, not very soft to result in leakage, Liberty Cup menstrual cups add more confidence to every girl. They bring effective and safe "strawberry day" care products. These cups are available in two sizes: 20ml for women under 30 years old who had C-sections or have not given birth and 25 ml for women over 30 years old, who had a standard delivery. These menstrual cups are designed using 100% medical-grade silicone featuring good antibacterial and moderate softness. This is the correct replacement of tampons that bring great confidence, comfort, and safety.

Liberty Cup menstrual cup is spill-resistant for up to 12 hours. Women need not worry about itching while using tampons. They can quickly into the activities like swim, exercise, and even wear tight clothes. With a capacity of 25ml and 20ml and, respectively, a menstrual cup can retain 3-4 times as much volume of menstrual as a thick tampon. Women can utilize it consistently for around 12 hours so they can do all their activities, have rest in peace and excellent sleep. The product has no colorants and is free of harmful chemicals, ensuring good safety for long-term use. It is reusable from 7-10 years, which makes it cost-effective. Each step of Liberty Cup menstrual cups production is monitored to ensure quality and perform the gas treatment process for environmental safety. These menstrual cups at Liberty Cup are made from materials as per the international safety standards.
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About the Company: Liberty Cup is the fast emerging menstrual cup brand in France that has provided high-quality, eco-friendly and affordable menstrual cups for women across the world.

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