Liberty Bail Bonds Fort Worth Location Now Offers Round-The-Clock Service

Liberty Bail Bonds offers 24/7 service by an experienced and knowledgeable professional Fort Worth bondsman. The firm is a member of several professional industry associations.

Liberty Bail Bonds is pleased to announce that the Tarrant County and Fort Worth bail bonds firm is open for business day or night, seven days a week. When individuals are arrested for reasons ranging from misdemeanors to felonies, they are usually taken to a nearby jail or lockup to be booked. When the booking is complete, the individual may appear in court, where a bail hearing is held. When bail is set, the defendant may have to obtain financial help to post the bail.

This is where the Liberty bondsman Fort Worth company steps in. They provide the funds to guarantee the client's appearance when the next court appearance date is set. It may be necessary for the defendant or family to put up surety for the bail bond amount. Once the bail is arranged, the arrested individual is released to carry on regular life activities until the date of the court appearance.

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There are several different categories of bail bonds. Information about the different bonds is provided on the company website. A judge sets the bail amount, considering the severity of the changes, the defendant's financial situation, criminal history, and ties to the community. Surety bonds and property bonds are some of the more common bail bonds set. The surety bond is used if the defendant cannot pay the amount set by the judge. The bondsman, such as Liberty, pays the entire amount and may hold an asset as surety. This is the most common bail bond.

A property bond is less common. High-value items such as houses, boats, and automobiles are held by the bondman to guarantee that the client will show up for the court date. The property must be in Texas and must be free of liens. If the client 'jumps' bail, the asset may be forfeited.

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Liberty Bail Bonds is an experienced bail bondsman for Tarrant County and beyond. The bail is a way of assessing financial incentives to return to court on the upcoming date. The website explains surety and property bonds, as well as other related terms.

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