Liam Lesson of Your Pet Land Offers a New Buying Guide for Pet Owners

Pet owners spend tens of billions of dollars on their pets every year and this figure is on the rise, announces

Pet owners spend tens of billions of dollars on their friends every year. In fact, the American Pet Products Association estimated Americans would spend $60.59 billion on their furry friends in 2015, an increase of 25 percent in a five year period. Dogs tend to cost the most, coming in at an average of $1,641 for each canine. As they are the most common domestic animal in the country, they account for a great deal of this spending, yet cats and other pets also need supplies. Liam Lesson offers a new buying guide for pet owners, available at

"Pet owners want the best for their loved ones, but they also want value for their money. This is especially true when it comes to items they need for routine tasks. A good example of this would be clippers, as many individuals choose to cut their dog's coat, as opposed to going to a groomer or vet," Liam Lesson, spokesperson for Your Pet Land, states.

Dogs vary in terms of their grooming needs. Some dogs need a full cut regularly, yet others only need a sanitary cut every so often. The best way to determine how often a dog should have their hair trimmed is to speak to a vet. He or she takes numerous factors into consideration when making recommendations on grooming, including the dog's coat, environment and allergies.

"When buying clippers, owners need to determine if they want a plug-in version or one that is rechargeable. Rechargeable clippers may run out of power midway through the cut, thus owners need to consider their dog's coat and size when determining if this is the right choice, and this is only one factor to consider. The product lifespan is another. The Dog Clipper Reviews and Buying Guide found at Your Pet Land provide more information on the different types available, making it easy for every owner to find the right clippers for their needs," Lesson continues.

Every pet needs food and water to survive. Cats tend to be independent animals and can be left home alone all day without human contact. They will want food and water during this time, however, and this is why many pet owners turn to automatic feeders and watering devices to ensure their pet doesn't do without. With so many on the market today, cat owners need to narrow down the options to determine which their pet will prefer.

"Automatic pet feeders and watering devices help to ensure cats and dogs have food when desired and make life easier for the pet owner. With many styles and features offered, an owner may find they are overwhelmed. Your Pet Land now offers Automatic Cat Feeder Reviews and Buying Guide along with Cat Water Fountain Reviews and Buying Guide. One thing to keep in mind, nevertheless, is the pet feeders are designed for dry food. Wet food must still be handled by humans, although this could change in the future. For this reason, regular visits to Your Pet Land ensure an owner remains informed about new products and offerings of interest to them. Be sure to stop by often to see what is new," Lesson recommends.

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Liam Lesson offers advice for pet owners who want to ensure their loved ones have the best items for their unique needs. Founded in 2015, Your Pet Land functions as a one-stop shop for the information pet owners need to train and care for their furry friends, while improving their pet's life.

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