Levin Health Ltd Launches its Government Approved Medicinal Cannabis While Pledging Donations

The company will donate 1% of profits from each bottle sold to Australian medical cannabis research. That is in addition to another 1% to an Australian social charity.

Levin Health Ltd is among Australia's first businesses to sell government-approved medical cannabis products. The company has said that everything from "the plants to the distillation facilities are based in Australia." In other words, people searching for a CBD or cannabis-related product can be assured of purity and quality, as stated by the manufacturer.

In the past, when most people would buy CBD oil in Australia, it would be hard to tell if it was the real deal. Some of the CBD-related products weren't pure or not as pure as stated, while others weren't made in certified facilities. Levin Health Ltd hopes to change all of that.

In addition to launching a slew of medical cannabis products, the company has pledged 1% of profits to medical cannabis research and another 1% from every bottle sold to Australian social charities. The company also hopes to raise awareness of CBD-related products in sports medicine by investing in research that looks at the use of medical cannabis in various sports.

Cannabis derivatives like CBD oil are often used for pain relief, with many users reporting almost no pain when using it. Doctors across the world agree that there are many benefits to using CBD-related products like oils and tinctures, but a lack of regulation of the industry has meant that the quality of items sold in many parts of the world can't be trusted. That's where companies like Levin Health Ltd hold a great deal of promise for Australians who have found pain relief in various cannabis products.

Readers can find out more about Levin Health Ltd by visiting the company's official website https://www.levinhealth.com.au

"We are an Australian Gov-approved medical cannabis supplier. All of our products are manufactured in Australia and made from Australian grown plant material. That's why our users can be assured of the right purity and quality when buying from us." Said a representative for Levin Health LTD.

She added, "As a leading company in the Medicinal Cannabis market, Levin takes its commitment to the community it serves seriously. Accordingly, the company is investing in research into the use of Medicinal Cannabis with sportspeople across the Australian community."

About Levin Health Ltd

Levin health Ltd is proudly Australian-owned and operated, with its head office in Melbourne. The company serves patients across Australia. All products manufactured and sold are done so in facilities across Australia.

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