Letting Go of Negative Emotions with let go paper™ -- New Water-Dissolvable Paper.

Leading institutions and prestigious research studies, such as Harvard Medical School and a UCLA Neuroimaging report, are jumping on the bandwagon of what Buddhists and the psychological community has been saying for years – it's good to get rid of bad feelings by putting them into words. And, now there's a way to write those innermost thoughts down without the fear of someone reading them. All it takes is a little water. let go paper™ is a new product that allows writers to safely and peacefully destroy personal writings by instantly dissolving them in water. To help launch the company's new website, they offer Free Shipping on all orders.

What is let go paper? let go paper™ is an eco-friendly paper that completely dissolves in water. For those who have tried to write down their deepest and darkest emotions, there is always the fear of someone reading what they have written. This fear keeps many people from receiving the benefits of journaling these self-destructive feelings, such as reducing stress; self-discovery, letting go of past hurts; releasing fear and expressing emotions. let go paper™ allows the writer to let go of anger, fear and other self-defeating emotions in water, a symbol of life, forgiveness and cleansing, and experience the positive effects of release without negative emotions or the stress of discarding writings by the more destructive behaviors of burning or shredding.

The water dissolving properties of let go paper™ make it especially helpful for Support Groups and mental health professionals. Each kit contains 15 to 150 sheets of let go paper™. These kits are made completely by hand, involving seven different artisans, with intention and the belief that each one is being prepared to make someone else's life better.

Additionally, each let go paper™ kit is a green product. The paper itself comes from FSC-certified forests. These forests are maintained to protect rare and endangered plants and wildlife. The packaging for let go paper™ is made from post-recycled consumer paper.

Kits can be purchased from the let go paper™ website: http://letgopaper.com/. All purchases include Free Shipping.

About let go paper™

let go paper™ is owned and distributed by Pathway to Enlightenment, Inc. The kits were created to help people let go, clear their minds, make peace with their past and the fears that are holding them back from being happy. By simply dropping the paper in a bowl of water and stirring, negative emotions can be released and replaced with more positive ones. To see how it works, visit http://letgopaper.com/.

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