Leonard D. Orr, founder of the worldwide Breathwork movement announces live teleseminar on 12/12/12

One of the pioneers of the New Age Movement, and nicknamed the father of prosperity consciousness, Leonard D. Orr offers a unique, live event and discussion this December.

More than 10 million people around the globe have experienced the simplicity and power of Rebirthing Breathwork. This new therapy and profession was created in the late 1960´s by New age pioneer Leonard D. Orr, known for his philosophy of physical immortality and prosperity consciousness.

Leonard´s live teleseminar, “The Mind and the Breath; the King and Queen of Human Consciousness” will take place on 12/12/12, December 12th 2012, from 7:00pm to 8:00pm EST. Admission to the teleseminar is $20. Participants may access the call via telephone, skype or online webcast. Anyone interested in attending the event may find more information and register online at http://www.leonard-orr-books.com/teleseminar.html

A recorded replay of the seminar will be made available to purchase for those unable to attend the live event at http://www.leonard-orr-books.com

What is Rebirthing Breathwork? As a result of hundreds of spontaneous womb memories and infancy regressions in his bathtub in 1962 to 1975, Leonard discovered and developed the technique known as ‘connected breathing’, where the inhale and exhale are merged with no pause in between. This is the natural breathing rhythm of babies, animals, and most young children.

In Rebirthing Breathwork, the focus is placed on pulling in a deep inhale, and completely letting go of the exhale effortlessly, with no hesitation in between breaths. The connected breathing rhythm is practiced from one to three hours on average until the breather experiences what is known as a completed energy cycle. This technique is used today in hundreds of various forms of breathing styles.

People who practice Rebirthing Breathwork have reported many benefits including improved physical health, a decrease in stress, anxiety, headaches, common colds, fatigue, and a general sense of well being, peace of mind, less monkey-mind chatter, and deeper sense of themselves as a spiritual being. Some have even nicknamed it “a biological experience of God”.

"It was like every cell of my body went into meditation”. D.E. PhD, LPC, Psychologist

"A unique experience and I recommend it for anyone looking for avenues to personal exploration." ?H.D. Clinical Social Worker

"I have been able to move through pain and fears I have carried with me my entire life. I was able to connect with Spirit in the most profound way I have ever experienced”. S.M Bilingual Teacher

"I recommend that everyone learn how to naturally breathe in this divine healing energy that’s all around us. It’s literally a rebirth into a new being."? J.R.D. Radio Producer

"So enlightened and uplifting that I physically felt my issues rise out of my body. I no longer struggle with these experiences and they rarely, if ever, enter my thoughts. I would suggest this process to anyone and everyone who has tried everything else with no success. I can't praise it enough!"? J.V. Special Education Teacher

Here is what Leonard D.Orr has to say about preparing for your first Breathwork session.

About Leonard D. Orr: Since his discovery and perfection of the technique in 1970 Leonard has been traveling the world, covering six continents and circling the globe dozens of times offering his workshops, trainings, and lectures on Rebirthing Breathwork and related topics, sparking the worldwide movement and this entirely new profession in the healing arts. Leonard has authored over 20 books in more than a dozen languages.

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Organization: Sara Dawn
Phone: 541-974-3671
Website: http://www.leonard-orr-books.com/teleseminar.html

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