Lenger To Launch New Luxury Sneaker Using The Best Europe Has To Offer

French sneaker brand Lenger is taking a bold step by launching a single sneaker design, in a limited range of colors, with a focus on the luxury materials, design, and feel of the sneaker.

Lenger is today rethinking luxury sneakers with a meticulous design and an innovative business approach, designed to change how people think about their footwear. The company will offer their new sneaker at a special discount price for a limited time only, available exclusively through their online store, all around the world. They are looking to bring the luxury associated with designer handbags, watches and formal shoes to casual footwear, at a price everyone can afford.

Inspired by Scandinavian cultural exports, designed in France, made in Portugal and using Italian materials, these sneakers are truly a European jewel. They bring together the best that Europe has to offer, to create an unparalleled product. Using hidden stitching, premium calf leather, and Margom soles, they promise a luxurious look and feel while being hard-wearing enough for daily use.

Thanks to the unique way the company functions, they needn’t offset bricks and mortar boutiques or unsold stocks by inflating the markup, enabling them to offer their sneakers at the best possible price. After successfully launching a range of accessories, it became clear that a business model based on crowdfunding campaigns was the way to go. The new sneakers represent the start of a new adventure for the brand.

A spokesperson for Lenger explained, “We are thrilled to be launching our new sneaker, and we are very proud of the looks we have created, which are perfect to accent any style. The styling on our shoe has been created to be chic and timeless, and with free shipping worldwide, it has the potential to become a worldwide icon. We understand that luxury is about look and feel, about understated elegance and a quiet assuredness. That is what we wanted to embody, and we feel we have succeeded in that aim. We can’t wait to get these shoes off shelves and onto the streets.”

About Lenger:
Thibault Boullenger created Lenger 4 years ago seeking to create a brand that would offer high-end essentials at a fair price. The company has gone from strength to strength over the years, putting their future in the hands of their customers through crowdfunding campaigns for each innovation. Now, they are launching as a bonafide high fashion brand offering luxury quality at the very best prices.

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Phone: +33652626887
Website: http://sneaker.lenger.fr/

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