Lenger Launches New Website and Announce New Cashmere Merino Sweater Release

Lenger has transformed their web presence to provide the best possible platform from which to launch their new flagship product, a cashmere merino sweater.

Lenger has today reinvented its website in order to create a new concept in the fashion industry. The company, which creates basic luxury garments, has a unique online experience: it will launch pre-order campaigns as well as a regular online store. With responsive framework, multimedia elements, features, sign-up opportunities, it is set to offer a new retail experience.

Lenger, which recently launched its pre-order campaign for luxury sneakers, raised $80,000 in under a month. This allowed customers to experience luxury clothing at affordable prices, as Lenger were able to minimize risk and create only the batch numbers required, passing the savings on to the customer without sacrificing on quality.

A spokesperson for Lenger Paris explained, “We are thrilled to be able to release this latest product on an all-new online platform. Our website had been designed to launch our first product, luxury sneakers. Now, we are expanding our range and our website must be prepared for that growth. This new cashmere merino sweater will be a flagship product for us, and we have spared no expense in developing the blend, gauge, style and fit to create an iconic product. The sweater is available for pre-order now, and for a limited time only. This is the best chance customers will have to get this product at the best price.”

The original luxury sweater uses a combination of Italian cashmere, the finest and softest goat fiber available, and merino wool, the most prized high-quality sheep’s wool in the world. This combination of luxury materials allows the jumper to be warm while being thin and light, and to be beautifully soft while being machine washable and stain resistant. These wools are woven using a unique 3-ply methodology developed in Lenger‘s own facility, to create a gauge that is both warm and breathable.

About Lenger: Lenger is a new kind of luxury fashion brand, making high quality items affordable through a unique pre-order system. During limited-time campaigns, individuals can fund a production run by signing up for pre-orders at the best possible prices, to receive luxury products made from the highest quality materials in Europe’s best garment factories. The brand then sells the remaining stock at a higher price until next pre-order campaign.

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