Lenaia.com Introduces Upgraded Website Ushering In A New Paradigm In How To More Easily Learn Mandarin Chinese

Customer Testimonials report that learning Mandarin Chinese has never been so easy. A pleasant surprise to everyone who has ever made the attempt to learn Mandarin Chinese in the past.

WILA, SWITZELAND, March 18, 2014, Most people think that learning Mandarin Chinese is an almost impossible task. Thanks to Lenaia.com, it has just become not only possible, but almost easy. This carefully planned site, along with his sister site, Chi.guru, has changed forever the way learning Mandarin Chinese is taught. These two sites are the creation of Jakob Hirzel, M.A. HSG, LLM, and were designed to teach Mandarin Chinese in a logical and systematic way. With a minimum of effort, anybody can learn this fascinating language.

When Jakob was in China on business in 2006, he was confronted with the dilemma of how to learn Chinese with a lasting effect, and in an interesting and fun way. All of his searching did not result in his finding the learning tools that matched his expectations. He felt that he had no alternative but to create them himself. His concept was to create a method that would provide all of the information needed to learn Chinese systematically, logically, pictorially, audiovisually and in an entertaining way. In 2007, Jakob was hard at work creating his masterpiece.

Lenaia.com accomplishes Jakob's goal, and Chi.guru exceeds his goals. In the world of learning Chinese, these websites are unique, no other Chinese learning website even comes close to offering such unique features as:

1. Radicals: Because the grey lines grow out of the radical, the radical itself is a bridge to the full picture.

2. Characters: In every mnemonic, the radicals show up in the sequence in which they are written. This enables the student to write one radical after another while he listens to the mnemonics. The characters are all colored according to their tone.

3. Everything is interlinked: All characters and radicals are linked to the pages of the characters and radicals.

4. All tables with translations of sentences: There are five rows, which provide all the information so that the student can grasp the logic in the Chinese language.

5.The most complete website: All aspects of the language are covered: Listening, speaking, reading, writing, seeing and acting.

During a recent press conference, Jakob had this to say about learning: "A brain which has nothing to learn is like a muscle which never moves. This doesn't feel good. Your brain is made for learning. If it can't learn, it gets bored. A life without constant learning it like a body without water. It is dry and dead." 

He goes on to say: "To learn is like an adventurous journey. To learn something new is like discovering a new land. It is an enrichment for your life. Often it is also an emotional challenge. You meet new thoughts and facts which challenge what you know up to that moment. Sometimes you are eager to see something new time after time. Other times you need to digest what you have seen. You need a pause. So, go for the challenge and enjoy the satisfaction of growing as a human being!"

Lenaia.com is made up of five sections, each being similar to a book. In the Radicals Section, it is easy to study the all of the Chinese radicals, these are the core elements of the language, just as they were thousands of years ago: simple line drawings with a meaning. The Characters Section explains the Chinese characters as little picture-stories in which different radicals (which are little line-drawings with a meaning) tell you a little story about the meaning of the entire character. In the Video Section, there are 600 little videos in which the actors play what they say: When the actor says that he jumps, he actually jumps. There is also a Pinyin Section (Chinese pronunciation), and a Grammar Section.

For complete information, visit: Mandarin Chinese Made Almost Easy and www.chi.guru

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