Legoflife Encourages People to Record Their Personal History

Legoflife is an online archive encouraging people to share their stories with future generations. It was founded when Kerst Ward was researching his own family tree and recognised the need for a digital time capsule.

Legoflife is an online platform that is designed to allow people to leave a digital legacy for future generations. It gives people the opportunity to record the important parts of their life, and not just the numbers and statistics that most often survive.

Legoflife was founded by Kerst Ward, who has a background in software development and digital marketing. He says that the idea for the website was born out his own desire to know more about his family history when researching his family tree. He realised that what he really wanted to know about his ancestors wasn't information that was easily accessible.

While access to documents such as birth, death and marriage certificates, censuses and newspaper articles are available, most people would struggle to find out much beyond the basics about their family. Ward refers to the Legoflife concept as creating a "digital time capsule", which allows people to record their own lives for future generations.

Ward says that the site is not a social media platform, but a "confidential profile of moments, events and memories. We made the profiles only accessible by yourself until you pass – then it is bequeathed to nominated friends or relatives who gain ‘read only’ access and can then, in turn, nominate next generation friends or family as executors."

Kerst Ward used his background in software development to put together a team of technical people who could build the concept and structure. It gives users the opportunity to make a record of significant moments, events and memories in their lives. A profile can include basic information such as name, date of birth and nationality, as well as hobbies, pets and a bucket list. Users can also use the gallery feature to add images to their profiles. Users can add memories and write stories for future generations to read.

Unlike social media profiles, the entries on Legoflife are not public. They can only be viewed by the account holder, and then by the person that they choose to pass their profile to. The site offers the option to give a profile to someone else so that they can start recording their life. Advocates can also earn commission from recommending the site and successfully signing up those they have referred.

Legoflife's founder wants the site to be the "largest most comprehensive grassroots historical social record in existence". With the option to continue to pass down a profile through the generations, the site can give future generations a deeper insight into their family's personal history.

Find out more about Legoflife by calling Kerst Ward on 01543 572403 or emailing You can also write to Pendragon House, Ridings Park, Eastern Way, Cannock, Staffordshire WS11 7FD and visit the website at

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