Legendary rock band MORDRED is back together and launching an Indiegogo campaign to fund their upcoming summer UK tour

In the world of music, things often happen faster than expected. When veteran rockers Daniel White and Arthur Liboon got their group MORDRED back together to jam last year, they began to realize they still had something to offer. After a few practices, they soon discovered that with the band's re-awakening, a lot of fans were still out there wanting MORDRED.

“We were surprised after almost twenty years of silence to find people still loved our music and wanted us to make some new stuff, “commented Arthur Liboon, “so we got the idea to do another tour where we had our greatest support — the land of Kings!”

MORDRED decided that after their success in the bay area that they needed to light the fires again. What better place than across the pond where they held their largest fan base. “So we started writing new songs,” Added Daniel White, “and we're sure that with our new EP and our re-released, digitally mastered original stuff, it's going to be huge!”

The guys from MORDRED have launched an Indiegogo campaign to help them fund the tour and all of its expenses. A full-out musical tour requires a great deal of up front pay outs such as airfare for six people, living accommodations, promotional expenses, booking and a variety of other costs. With the $15,000 that the band is raising, they will totally fund their summer tour and bring their music back to where it's loved most.

Additionally, the band has stated that if things go well on Indiegogo, they will extend their tour to the rest of Europe as well. There are high hopes for this tour and it's a great opportunity for music lovers and devotees of MORDRED to get involved in what may be an historic event.

MORDRED is offering some great and quite unique Indiegogo perks to those who help them reach their goal. You can get hand written lyrics, customized ring tones and the band is even offering Skype music lessons! Donators can also get themselves exclusive T-shirts, hats and hoodies. One very interesting perk is that the band is offering original test pressings of Pause's scratch sample mix on vinyl that they made especially for touring “back in the day.”

Become a part of MORDRED's new legendary tour by checking out their Indiegogo page today! Please visit http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/mordred-summer-tour-and-new-ep

You can get the latest updates and follow what's happening with MORDRED on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/MordredBand, and on Twitter at https://twitter.com/MordredBand


Before Anthrax collaborated with Public Enemy, before Rage Against The Machine tore up the DNC convention, and before Limp Bizkit shredded Woodstock, there was a band called MORDRED from the Bay Area of San Francisco, California that started it all.

MORDRED were formed back in 1984 in the San Francisco Bay Area during the era that gave us the big 4: Metallica, Slayer, Anthrax & Megadeth.

They were one of the first bands in the cross-over thrash metal genre, they started with their first album “Fool's Game” in 1989 and quickly followed it with “in This life” in 1991. The new album earned many 5 star reviews and launched the band into stardom.

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