Leelalicious.com to Again Participate in the Popcorn Popper Rating Contest

Food blogger Regina Braun to again participate in the annual popcorn popper rating contest. She first entered in 2016 and has participated every year since.

Food blogger, Regina Braun, announced today that her blog - Leelalicious.com - will once again participate in the annual popcorn popper rating contest.

In a statement, Braun explained that this is a practice her blog adopted a number of years ago and that she has no intentions of letting slip this year. “It’s like a tradition now and I can’t possibly break tradition,” said Braun.

The statement went on to say that the blog’s participation was well received in the last few years, which is motivating them to participate again. “We got a really good response from our audience last year when we tried out the different popcorn popping machinery to come up with a winner in each of the categories. And so we will do it once again just in time for Christmas this year.”

Leelalicious.com first participated in this contest back in 2016 and has participated every year since. The idea behind the contest is to try out as many different popcorn poppers as possible to determine which ones should be crowned the winner in both - usability and design.

According to PopMaize.com - the all in one popcorn resource site - popcorn is slowly making a comeback. It was the snack of choice for many decades, but then slowly disappeared in the background as more and more store bought snack alternatives were being introduced.

Popcorn has a very long history in the USA as well as Mexico where - according to PopMaize.com - it is said to originate from. It was largely popularized by independent vendors at movie theaters during the great depression and - according to PopMaize.com - became a part of the movie and theater culture ever since.

According to Braun, a recent survey suggests people are becoming more conscious about what they eat and more often than not opt for fresh whole foods like popcorn instead of foods designed to have a long shelf life. "This is likely why popcorn has steadily been making a comeback outside of the theater scene in the last ten years. So much so that we at Leelalicious noticed a drastic increase in annual popcorn popper sales between 2016 and 2019.”

When asked why snackers are more and more opting for popcorn, Braun explained how popcorn is not only fresh but also a whole grain snack. “You literally drop a handful of popcorn kernels into a popper of choice and then - using heat - explode that kernel into what we now know as popcorn. So unless you load it up with sugars, margarine, or other highly processed ingredients, it is a relatively organic snack." concluded Braun.

To read Braun’s review of the best popcorn poppers of 2019, check out her review here: https://leelalicious.com/guide-best-popcorn-popper/

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