Learning Labs Limited Launches FlashSticks in the United States

UK-based Learning Labs Limited releases its language learning system, FlashSticks.

Learning Labs Limited, a UK company, creates complementary instructional products to help language learners of all ages. FlashSticks® and the FlashAcademy app utilize a variety of paper, digital, and mobile technologies to enhance language acquisition, retention, and application.

FlashSticks creator, Richard Allen, was working in the tech sector in Spain several years ago and was surprised to discover that not everyone he worked with spoke English. In a crunch, Allen needed to boost his Spanish skills and did what countless other language students have done--he wrote words on sticky notes and posted them around his flat and office.

A time-honoured tradition, language educators and students have long-relied on visual aids to reinforce and increase language development and proficiency. As Allen scribbled on his hundredth sticky note, he wondered if there was an easier way...if preprinted vocabulary sticky notes already existed. They did not, and Allen’s curiosity led to the development of FlashSticks.

In a new, educational video, FlashSticks explains the benefits of using their patented language learning system to help anyone, from primary students to seasoned professionals, learn a foreign language:


FlashSticks help make language learning a part of everyday life and perfectly complements a student’s language learning program. FlashSticks are preprinted, ready-to-use foreign language vocabulary Post-it® Notes and are

Supported by Learning Labs Limited free pronunciation app, available for phone or tablet
Perfect for teachers, adults, professionals, and students of all ages
Currently available in French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Mandarin, and English
Split into 3 levels: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced
Color-coded for gender association

Veejay Lingiah, FlashSticks CEO, shares that FlashSticks learners benefit by 1) returning to the basics when learning a language, and 2) expanding study with additional cognitive resources. Lingiah explains, “FlashSticks are a tool that anyone can use and are designed to supplement a student’s existing language curriculum to boost vocabulary and easily identify a word’s gender and function, such as noun, verb, etc.”

FlashSticks can be purchased on Learning Labs Limited’s website or in Learning Labs Limited’s Amazon Store.

About FlashSticks®:

FlashSticks®, an interactive language acquisition company, is located in Birmingham, UK. Each FlashSticks (international patent application no. PCT/GB2013/052837) pack contains ready-to-use foreign words printed on Post-it® Notes. Each FlashSticks note has the proper spelling, a visual cue, a simple phonetic transcription, and is coloured to help learn gender effortlessly (pink notes for feminine nouns, blue notes for masculine nouns, green notes for non-gendered words, e.g. verbs). FlashSticks can be used with the free-to-download FlashAcademy App; when downloaded and activated, an online tutor demonstrates exact pronunciation. FlashSticks can be contacted at (+44) 0843 289 7447 or visit http://flashsticks.com/.

Visit http://flashsticks.com/ for more information.

Contact Info:
Name: Veejay Lingiah
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Organization: FlashSticks
Address: Birmingham Science Park Faraday Wharf, Holt Street Birmingham, B7 4BB
Phone: (+44) 0843 289 7447
Website: http://flashsticks.com/

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