Learn Any Language Faster and Smarter with the All-in-One Mobile Language App Yak Vernac

Live on Indiegogo, Yak Vernac offers an all-in-one mobile language app with the largest gallery of game lessons.

Yak Vernac, the revolutionary new language app that makes learning a new language faster than ever, is live on global crowdfunding platform Kickstarter and raising funds to bring the project to life.

Most other language learning apps on the market force users to go through a predetermined path to learning a new language, blocking users from learning what they want, when they want. Yak Vernac is taking an all new approach that empowers learners with the freedom to select what they want to learn, when they want to learn it.

“The Yak Vernac app started as a solution to the learning struggles of myself, my friends and other users learning languages online. There is a wide variety of online learning content, but it is rarely relevant and time consuming to find. The other option was to purchase courses, which was better but still a controlled and a restrictive experience,” says founder Nathan Wennerbom on the inspiration behind the project. “Armed with these experiences, we set our minds on creating an app that celebrated discovery and curiosity, in a flexible learning environment. A place where you have the freedom to follow a learning plan, or freely explore the language and practice with real people in a community of like minded individuals. A place where people could help another, create, send and find bit-sized lessons that they needed.”

To get started after choosing a language, users select a topic they want to learn (animals, greetings, etc.), then target the skill (writing, speaking, listening and reading) before moving forward with a game. There are numerous topics for learning words, phrases and concepts for every occasion, all easy to find and use. All the topics are ordered; common words and phrases at the beginning and less common words (but helpful to know) at the end, for learning deep knowledge. Yak Vernac does this all with the largest gallery of lessons available anywhere. Users can create game lessons then share them with other users; allowing for almost limitless possibilities and options for learning.

“Yak Vernac is a trailblazer. We are set to have the largest gallery of lessons, because we let you create lesson content alongside our lessons. Lessons are free and curated to provide the best quality lessons every time you search in the community section. You always have the option of using the tailored Yak Vernac lessons, which have been conveniently organized for the user. Whatever your learning need is, we will have a course or feature to fulfill it. We are the best choice, because we are language learners, we are teachers, we are dedicated to giving you what you need,” adds Wennerbom.

Yak Vernac is currently live and available to support on Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/yakvernac/1166409546

About Yak Vernac

Yak Vernac is a language education app. Play, find, create, share gamified lessons, content and language exchange. Founded in late 2017, by Nathan Wennerbom and Lukas Navickas, with the mission to make learning a language online easy, transparent and affordable worldwide.


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Website: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/yakvernac/1166409546

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