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The Arabic language has so much to offer with more than a billion arabs in the world it makes sense to speak it.

Language education is a hotly debated topic, but there is certainly one thing that everyone can get behind about learning languages. It takes practice in the target language.

The idea of learning a language from studying a book is a dead paradigm. Immersion in the target language and rigorous study of core texts to the language is the most effective way to learn.

Learning Arabic is no different.

“The goal of this website is to help anyone interested in learning Arabic by using the Qu’ran to teach. After all, God will help those who are wanting to learn,” said Mustafa Patel of Learn Arabic Online.

Patel and the website believe in teaching Classical Arabic as taught by the scholars of Basra.

“Those who may understand MSA [Modern Standard Arabic] will have minor difficulties making the transfer to Classical and vice versa, but the overall goal will remain the same,” said Patel.

Arabic study encompasses six basic elements of grammar, and each are taught concurrently within the course. Phonology, morphology, grammar, vocabulary, literature and rhetoric are all necessary to a full and complete understanding of the target language and the study of the holy text.

“God will help the faithful who strive to learn His language for his text,” said Patel.

The website has full information on all of the elements, and online tutorials are also available for interested students from beginner to advanced study.
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Name: Mustafa Patel
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