Lean Runner Bean Publishes Eight Top Tips For Transformation Through A Healthy Lifestyle

Leanrunnerbean creator Kate Bradley has launched her new site in a bid to redirect women’s energy away from crash diets and dangerous weight loss and towards a long-term healthy eating lifestyle.

At some point in their lives most women will feel unsatisfied with their bodies, largely due to a constant media barrage of unrealistic, idealized body types that warp self-image and damage self-esteem. Unhappy with this, registered Dietician Kate Bradley created leanrunnerbean to combat misinformation and provide practical advice on getting healthy, not skinny, through harnessing the power of food and the pursuit of an active lifestyle.

She has now shared eight top tips on her site that act as commandments for those feeling the pressure to conform to unrealistic body image standards. The tips are drawn largely from common sense but serve as great reminders as to how women should approach goals like weight loss and increasing general health and vitality.

A spokesperson for LeanRunnerBean.com explained, “The eight top tips on our homepage serve as an introduction for new visitors to the site and as a reminder for our regulars as to what they should be aiming towards. We recommend at least thirty minutes a day of physical activity, combined with a well-rounded eating plan made up of natural, un-processed foods that help to burn fat, build lean muscle and maintain satiety. We encourage women seeking to make a positive change in their life to visit our site and browse the articles and diet plans on all aspects of health, nutrition and fitness. We're confident you'll find something you'll love!" You can start with the link below. http://www.leanrunnerbean.com/the-best-diet-for-women-eat-healthy-lose-weight/

The public only needs to do a quick search online to see the amount of diet and weight loss related products saturating the market. The problem is separating those that work from those that don't. In this respect, leanrunnerbean is a welcome addition that helps those who are looking for information make an informed decision about eating right for their body type.

Leanrunnerbean was created in 2014 by Kate Bradley, a registered dietitian, healthy eating advocate and all-round foodie. As the name suggests, Leanrunnerbean advocates eating healthy, raw natural foods combined with regular physical activity to develop a strong, lean body and mind. The site promotes health, not purely weight loss.

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