Lean Gut Diet Review Reveals Why Gut Bacteria Is The Key To Melting Stomach Fat Fast

The Lean Gut Diet is a new fat loss program from Samuel Larson that shows people how to get rid of unwanted belly fat by increasing good gut bacteria.

The Lean Gut Diet is a brand new program from Samuel Larson that reveals how to remove unwanted stomach fat by correcting an imbalance in gut bacteria. The Lean Gut Diet shows individuals that a bloated stomach, weight gain and other stomach issues can be triggered by having more bad gut bacteria than good gut bacteria.

The program teaches individuals how to correct this issues and also provides a number of ways to correct the imbalance. Lack of energy, increased fat gain and a number of health conditions can be traced back to bad gut bacteria. According to the author of the program, Samuel Larson the majority of the population have this problem and don't even realize it.

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The Lean Gut Diet program reveals that having too much bad gut bacteria triggers inflammation. This inflammation builds up around the stomach which is why it pokes out the way it does. Once the imbalance is correctly the inflammation begins to get better and the stomach size returns to normal levels. The other problem behind the massive imbalance in today's society is so called healthy fruits and vegetables.

Most of them foods are filled with chemicals used to perserve them which reduce the amount of good gut bacteria. A diet lacking in specific probiotics can do a lot of harm over a period of time. A number of health issues can be directly related to a higher level of bad gut bacteria.

According to the author of The Lean Gut Diet program it's not enough to correct the imbalance, but it's important to get the right ratio. The truth is the body requires both good and bad bacteria and too much of either can lead to consistent stomach, weight and health problems. The steps outlined in the Lean Gut Diet program show individuals the exact herbs, foods and minerals that need to be consumed to create a healthy zone within the body. The program doesn't require massive changes to be made to an individuals current diet or lifestyle.

Video: Samuel Larson Explains Why Gut Health and Not Eating Too Much May Be The Cause Behind That Bloated Stomach

The Lean Gut Diet is broken down into three different phases. The first phase of the program consist of educating individuals on the exact foods that need to be consumed to start correcting the problem. This phase of the program also reveals which foods need to be avoided for optimal health.

"Most people don't realize that 95% of the serotonin hormone which is responsible for happiness is created within the gut. When people's moods drop out of the blue this can be related to bad gut health. Gut health plays a vital role in how people feel and how the body operates," reports Larson.

The second phase of the Lean Gut Diet system is all about carbs and teaches that specific carbs are critical for improving overall gut health. This part of the program also reveals 7 probiotic foods people need to start consuming daily. The final phase of the program revolves around mental health. This part of the program is interesting because gut health ties directly into mental health.

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In addition, individuals will also discover three important rules that will allow them to manage cortisol. This is the hormone which triggers fat storage when the body is under stress. Most people don't realize that other conditions can also trigger cortisol, including bad gut health.

The entire Lean Gut Diet program is less of a diet and more of a guide on how to correct the imbalance of bad gut bacteria and how to bring gut health to the correct balance. The program includes a 60 day money back guarantee and more information and a detailed video can be seen at the official Lean Gut Diet website.

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