Leah Fisch of Joumor.com Releases Revolutionary New Productivity App

Revolutionary new productivity app is being released which helps people get more done while feeling better about their life.

Joumor, Joy + Humor is the methodology to teach anyone organization and productivity, announces its brand new productivity app, The Grand To Do, which goes into beta testing this week.

Productivity and organization expert Leah Fisch based the app on The Grand To Do TM, the system she created and honed over the last 4 years. "This is the only productivity app that cares," says Fisch.

Leah Fisch got her start working with hoarders 14 years ago. One of the greatest hindrances to getting organized is that people feel "simultaneously judged and yet totally alone." This app not only cares about each user’s accomplishments, but also gives people the opportunity to share them AND inspire their community.

Fisch's expertise is with entrepreneurs and CEO's with ADD and ADHD. The Joumor principles are concepts for all ages and all brain types to encourage productivity that is empowered and increases self-esteem. The Joumor app is designed to help people keep track of their goals and tasks AND accomplish them.

The Joumor app also helps people naturally prioritize and follow-up. When completing a task, the app allows people to delete the task or save it for a month to feel good about all they have accomplished. Each day, there is a limit of how many things that can be planned and done. Leach Fisch says: "You are setting yourself up to win because when you say you'll do three things and you do them, you feel really good about yourself."

Fisch hopes to create a community of 30,000 Joumor app users.

Fisch also says "It's one thing for people to do their tasks, but it's another thing to be proud of them and share what they are doing on social media and you never know who you will inspire."

To download or learn more about the new Joumor app, please visit Joumor.com

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