Leadzio Software Has Been Launched - 5 Steps To Help Marketers Get All The Leads They Can Handle

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Instead of running expensive lead ad campaigns on FB, or wasting time schmoozing on LinkedIn, etc. users can get all the highly qualified leads they can handle and keep them rolling every day with Leadzio without spending a single dime to find them.

The guys from Leadzio’s team have created a software application that helps users generate leads for their business by using Twitter. Leadzio software is revolutionary because not only does it find relevant leads for marketers, it also gives them a complete action plan for interacting with their new prospects.

The basic benefits users can reap from Leadz software are:
• Get all the free qualified leads they can handle
• Unique interface walks them through how to create highly engaged leads
• Leverage a proven platform to pack user’s list full of serious buyers
• Stop wasting time and money chasing prospects that do not become paying customers

Leadz app includes Easy Engage feature which creates ‘micro commitments’ that encourage user’s leads to take small actions. These small actions create the trust people need to buy from them. When the time is right, Easy Engage enables users to send their leads a perfect direct message with their offer.

Moreover, the product’s vendors have added two additional modules to the Leadzio platform. The first module is Follower Search which allows users to enter a Twitter screen name and it will display all of their followers. This is a powerful feature when using on their competitors. The second module is Remote Client Authorization. This allows marketers to send an invitation to their client so that the client can authorize marketers to use the Leadzio platform and Twitter to find leads on their behalf.

The manufacturers have come with a simple procedure that contains just five steps to help users get all the leads they can handle without paying anything.

Step 1: Login and authorize Twitter account
Step 2: Enable Easy Engage to create semi-automated engagements with their leads
Step 3: Create new campaign
Step 4: View leads returned by Leadzio
Step 5: Engage with their leads and close the sale

If marketers commit to the step by step process inside Leadz software, they will have nurtured leads responding to their offers within a week. And Leadzio is not just for some measly low-ticket offers either. The app is perfect for product’s creators, coaches, and freelancers with high ticket offers. It is also a great match for affiliate marketers and local business owners who want a pool of pre-qualified leads at the ready.

Users only need to spend a few minutes per day with Leadzio, and they will quickly see results. No more cold calling or paying too much for leads who disappear with their gifts - never to be seen or heard from again.

Fresh leads are the lifeblood of any business. If marketers do not get new qualified leads on a consistent basis, their business will not grow. In the worst case scenario, it will fail. With Leadzio, marketers no longer have to pay for unqualified leads who have no intention of taking them up on their offers.

For more information, please visit Leadz.io software review and demo.

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