Leading Transformational Coach Melissa Kay Schulz Empowers Women To Forge Their Own Path In Bestselling New Book

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In ‘Change Makers’, author Melissa Kay Schulz shares her journey to an inspired and courageous life as she helps others do the same.

Too often, women put themselves and their dreams last.

Transformation and empowerment coach Melissa Kay Schulz was one of those women. When she finally had enough, she figured out how to step into her own power and onto her own path.

Now, she helps other women do the same.

Schulz shared her personal journey from disempowered, unhappy, and unwell to living an inspired and courageous life in the bestselling new book “Change Makers: 21 Transformational Stories From Women Making An Impact In The Lives Of Others (Volume 5).”

The book features chapters written by women, including tech leaders, health experts, artists, healers, entrepreneurs, and coaches from across the world, who each share their transformative journeys to serve others, create meaningful businesses, and enrich lives.

Schulz is the founder and CEO of Melissa Kay Coaching. She is known for coaching women to lasting transformation and empowerment as a practitioner of numerous healing/helping modalities. Her goal is to help women upgrade their lives and businesses via her various programs, online courses, and retreat experiences.

“My grand vision for any woman is that she remembers who she is, knows what she wants, and feels free to shout it from the rooftops,” says Schulz.

“No more holding back, no more shying away from opportunities and no more living a small, unsatisfying existence.”

To date, Schulz has impacted the lives of hundreds of women worldwide through her groundbreaking work, helping women who feel unworthy or lacking in confidence live life in a way that excites and empowers them.

Now, she is preparing to launch a new immersive retreat business for women in 2021.

“My new programs and retreats are specifically designed for women to break through their personal barriers and create massive momentum in their lives in a fun and supportive way,” she said. “We don't create retreats for you to escape life; we create retreats so life doesn't escape you. It's the women who say yes to themselves that are making the world a better place for us all.”

Schulz is enjoying being a bestselling author through her contribution to Change Makers, which rocketed to the top of multiple Amazon bestseller charts in Australia, the USA and Europe.

“Becoming a bestselling author was a life-long but distant dream,” Schulz said. “Now it's happened and I'm beyond excited.”

Schulz was selected to share her story by Emma Hamlin, the book’s publisher and founder of Change Maker Press. Hamlin is herself a bestselling author, publisher, and strategic marketing expert who founded her company to provide a space for innovative and inspiring women to be seen and heard.

Learn more about Melissa Kay Schulz at https://www.melissakayschulz.com and on Facebook at @melissakaycoaching.

Learn more about the Change Maker project and purchase the book on Amazon at https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08P9HM43Z . Follow and tag Change Makers on social media using the hashtag #changemakersbook.

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Name: Melissa Kay Schulz
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