Leading Speaking Coach, Melanie Wood Empowers Women to Find their Voice through Public Speaking in Bestselling New Book

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‘Speaking Styles’ founder, Melanie Wood, opens up about confronting her fears and coming out on top in Change Makers, Volume four.

There are few things people dread more than public speaking. Yet, what if overcoming that phobia could not only improve your career performance but also improve your confidence enough to change the course of your life? That is exactly what happened to Melanie Wood when she confronted that fear and subsequently, found her voice. She is one of 25 women from four continents who share their personal journeys and offer inspirational advice to readers in the international bestseller, Change Makers, Volume 4.

Change Makers, Volume 4 keeps the momentum from the three previous volumes going and highlights new authors. Each chapter is written in the contributor’s own words and covers topics like business, philanthropy and motherhood. The authors have each faced serious challenges, learned from them, and thrived despite, or even, because of them.

Wood lives in Queensland, Australia and is founder of a business called, Speaking Styles, as well as an internationally-known motivational speaker and coach. She spends her time helping other women tell their stories in public settings to further their own lives - personally and professionally - and the lives of those around them. She says when she conquered her fear of public speaking and learned to communicate more authentically, her entire life changed. And, indeed it did.

Throughout her early career, Wood was paralyzed with anxiety whenever she gave presentations, attended meetings or went on interviews. While coping with that at work, she was also suffering at home in an abusive marriage. Some well-timed and kindly advise and a book with a poignant message were the impetus she needed to not only tackle her fear of public speaking but to change the things that were getting in the way of her happiness. As she adopted a can-do mindset and learned skills to help her be an effective speaker, her life dramatically changed for the better and she knew her path forward would center on assisting others to do the same as a coach.

“When you are able to clearly, confidently share your voice, it can change the entire course of your life. My hope is Change Makers helps inspire women to face their fears and push past life-limiting obstacles,” said Wood.

“Melanie is the model for what is possible when we have the strength to be vulnerable, ask for help, and confront our fears head-on. What she has accomplished is remarkable. Her story is such a valuable contribution to Change Makers and I am so grateful to have her in my family of authors,” said Emma Hamlin, founder, Change Maker Press, which gives women a platform to be heard while giving readers a dose of positive energy and strength.

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