Leading Longevity Doctor, David Leonardi, M.D., Endorses N(r) Supplement With New Findings

Dr. Leonardi has dubbed N(r) a ‘change in the paradigm’ of anti-aging treatment after reviewing research; findings suggest significant benefits to the supplement.

New research pertaining to NAD+ levels seems to be in the news more regularly than ever, capturing the imagination of both scientists and the general public for its beneficial effects in turning back the effects of aging and even countering the effects of head injuries. N(r), manufactured by HPN supplements, has recently been endorsed by Vitality and Longevity specialist David Leonardi, M.D., who has undertaken a comprehensive review of the research and translated its findings for the layman to grasp and understand, confirming the claims of the manufacturer about its efficacy.

Dr. Leonardi’s claims exposit numerous benefits of N(r) that are not found in other B-vitamin supplements, or even competing nicotinamide compounds. The N(r) compound created a higher metabolic rate in mice and reduced weight gain in those on high fat diets by 60%, increased energy production in muscle and brown fat, slightly lowered LDL cholesterol, and most importantly, reduced insulin resistance.

Crucially, muscle biopsies of elderly mice receiving NR showed a dramatic increase in the size and density of mitochondria, the energy factories of cells. In a newsletter to patients, Dr. Leonardi stated, "The increase in mitochondria, in human terms, was equivalent to the difference between a 60 year-old and a 20 year-old. It should be noted that muscle strength did not increase in this study but authors speculated this was due to the extreme short -term nature of the trial: one week. Longer term mouse studies and human trials are currently underway."

Dr. Leonardi went on to say that "N(r) should be of great value in supporting brain and neuron health by stimulating genetic pathways that protect brain cells. Specifically, these pathways result in increased cellular energy production and reduced oxidative stress, two critical factors required to preserve brain cells in brain diseases and normal brain aging. N(r) works via its unique capability among all nutrients to increase cellular NAD+. NAD+ is a key activator of sirtuins, natural compounds that have been shown responsible for the longevity benefits of caloric restriction. Scientists have long been in search of a way to activate sirtuins without the discomfort of dramatically restricting calories. How fortuitous that the first such discovery is a natural compound of the B vitamin family, rather than a drug", notes Dr. Leonardi. "I'm working to get all my patients on Niagen".

With such a rousing endorsement for the supplement, HPN Supplements are pleased to offer their N(r) anti aging supplement to the general public.

A spokesperson for HPN Supplements Explained, “Vitamin B3 supplement Niagen, manufactured and sold by our company as N(r), is one of the most exciting developments in supplement sciences in fifty years, and possibly ever. Because of our position in the commercial market we must be tentative about making extraordinary claims, no matter how much we believe in our product, so it’s heartening when world-leading experts like Dr. David Leonardi confirm the findings and recommend the product to users for its intended purposes.”

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About David Leonardi, M.D., ABAAM, CNS:
David Leonardi, M.D., is board certified in Anti-Aging Medicine and a Certified Nutrition Specialist. In 2003 he founded the Leonardi Institute, the provider of the most evidence-based and effective programs to slow aging and prevent age-related disease. Results are accomplished by engineering the methodology to apply data harvested from published clinical trials to the lives of patients who choose to be proactive about their health. His Vitality and Longevity practice is located in Denver, Colorado and services patients nationwide. He is coauthor of the book, Alzeimer's, Memory Loss and MCI: The Latest Science for Prevention and Treatment.

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