Leading hair transplant doctor, Dr. Mark McCune, reveals new hair loss replacement surgery - Overland Park, Kansas City

Dr. Mark McCune, a leading hair transplant surgeon in Kansas City, has just revealed a new hair transplant technology that’s changing people’s lives.

Dr. Mark McCune, founder of Kansas City Dermatology, has just announced that he is re-offering hair transplantation services for his patients due to a new and innovative technology called NeoGraft 2.0.

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Older methods only allowed for transplanting large grafts, which lowered the chances of a successful outcome for the patient which was the main reason behind Dr. McCune withdrawing the service from his practice previously.

NeoGraft 2.0 offers the newest cutting edge technology and machinery that replaces older technologies and provides patients with a much better experience and permanent results.

Dr. McCune is quoted as saying, “The technology has advanced so much that I feel comfortable in re-introducing hair transplantation services to Kansas City and to my patients.”

There are three main reasons behind his decision.

1. High success rates

When a patient walks into Kansas City Dermatology seeking a hair transplant, they can rest assured that Dr. McCune uses a cutting edge technology that truly delivers results.

The NeoGraft 2.0 technology McCune has adopted, “allows for a consistent, effective result for long-term hair replacement for male and female patients who are genetically prone to losing hair” he said.

When asked to elaborate, Dr. McCune commented, “One of the reasons is that NeoGraft 2.0 technology allows technicians to harvest grafts containing as little as one to two hairs with a great deal of precision. This also means that grafts are not only harvested much more efficiently but can be also transplanted much more accurately and uniformly, leading to a higher success rate.”

2. Highly-trained technicians

Another benefit offered by the NeoGraft option, according to Dr. McCune, is the “highly-trained team of assistants” he contracts with.

This is a major step forward in terms of the transplantation procedure compared with the older, impractical methods that required each practice to have a highly specialized in-house staff.

“When you look at the success of hair transplantation, it’s the know-how of the technicians – not the technology or machinery – that really makes a difference.” This has proven to be true, evidenced through the completion of thousands of successful Neograft transplants with a 96% approval rating.

Throughout the actual procedure, Dr. McCune makes sure the patient receives the best treatment possible. When asked about this he said, “After ensuring that the patient is a good candidate for surgery, I plan the hairline, decide where the grafts should go, and administer the local anesthetic so the technicians can do their job. In essence it’s a team approach.”

3. Natural-looking permanent results

The solution offered by NeoGraft 2.0 and Dr. McCune also provides a more natural look post-surgery. One aspect of this is that patients don’t have to worry anymore about an unsightly linear scar, something that was common in older procedures.

The transplant is also not noticeable to the naked eye after the healing process has completed.

The reason for this, Dr. McCune says, is that NeoGraft 2.0 “allows technicians to harvest hair from donor areas without visibly thinning the hair.”

For more information please visit... http://www.kcderm.com/

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