Leading Gypsum Ceiling Board Manufacturer Launches New Website

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Meisui Industrial Development Co., Ltd., one of the largest gypsum products manufacturers in the world, announces the launch of their new website.

Gypsum board, which is more commonly referred to as drywall is a unique building material that is widely used because of it’s ease of use and application. With properties such as being light in weight and it’s ability to prevent the spread of fire, gypsum material is highly regarded as the perfect building material. The one drawback is the presence of any style and this is what Meisui Industrial Development Company has addressed. Since 1998, Meisui has been dedicated to providing high quality natural gypsum products with a speciality in beautifully designed gypsum ceiling boards. With high profile clients all over the world, and luxury brand flagship stores in China eagerly using their uniquely designed ceiling materials, the company has been poised to spread their vision. With the launch of their new website (http://www.meisuiceiling.com/), the hope by the company founders is to attract more clientele while also expanding their creativity through consistent feedback from customers that the website can facilitate.

“All of us at the company are very excited by the launch of the new website since it can clearly display all the latest developments on our side while providing the exact visual impact one can only achieve through a customized platform”, states Niki Yang, sales director at Meisui Industrial Development Company. She goes on further to say, “If you’re tired of boring gypsum ceiling choices, make sure to check what we offer on the website since we are best known for industry leading ceiling designs”.

With over 14 years of development experience and constant innovation in the ceiling industry, Meisui Industrial Development Company already fulfills the demand from 20 OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) buyers whom require a consistent supply of finished materials, while also providing thousands of general contractors with ceiling products, with the facilities to clearly grow much more. The new website of course will showcase the finest examples of their work but also go deeper into the endearing qualities of the mineral gypsum and how it is transformed into the products that can completely make an impact in one’s space, be it for personal or business.

Contact Info:
Name: Niki Yang
Email: niki@gdmssy.com
Phone: 86-18818909109
Organization: Guangdong Meisui Industrial Development Co., Ltd.

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