Leading Global Axiology Expert, Cyrus Kennedy from XQ Innovation, Joins The Robert S. Hartman Institute

Cyrus Kennedy is committed to expanding the field of axiology. He contributes greatly through his partnership with XQ Innovation and now with the Robert S. Hartman Institute.

As part of the Robert S. Hartman Institute, Cyrus Kennedy continues to expand his service to the organizational development community through the application of Formal Axiology.
His mission is to maximize the human element within organizations. Learn more about Kennedy and the company at www.xqinnovation.com.

Since 2015, Cyrus Kennedy has been a partner at XQ Innovation. This organization provides companies with various solutions to help them understand human factors and put them into practice to build a thriving organization.

XQ refers to a combination of IQ (intelligence quotient), EQ (emotional quotient), and personality traits. When these three factors are combined, incredible synergy at work is created. Understanding the human mind and developing strategies around them allows organizations to grow to their potential.

XQ Innovation consistently utilizes people-focused assessments, one-on-one coaching, leadership training, and strategic planning to help organizations identify the strengths of their employees and the areas they need to improve.

With new understanding, employees feel empowered to achieve superior decision-making and overall performance in their careers and personal lives. The system transforms the way they think, helping them change at the core.

Kennedy's experience and credentials make him a great fit as part of the team of people who contribute to the Robert S. Hartman Institute and carry on their legacy to promote Formal Axiology.

He will join a global network of axiological developers, researchers, and users who come together to preserve and share Hartman's vast legacy worldwide. Their vision is to change the world for the better, one person at a time.

Through the use of Formal Axiology, organizations can create an environment of collaboration instead of competition. Formal axiology identifies the patterns involved in the values we hold, what we value, and how we evaluate that value. The Robert S. Hartman Institute focuses on the scientific theories of human values of how we can use that knowledge to mold each sector of our society.

Cyrus Kennedy's passion for people and background in entrepreneurship and marketing drives him to help organizations become great entities that know the value of each individual and how to create synergy in the diversity found in any team.

Cyrus Kennedy continues to contribute significantly to all the organizations he works with. He became a Certified Professional TTI Behavioral and Motivators Analyst and received Professional Certifications in both Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and Business Acumen.

As now part of the Robert S. Hartman Institute, Cyrus Kennedy plans to expand his work in axiology. He is a crucial contributor in the field, and his research is helping the industry evolve into a significant influence over humanity.

The human factor is often ignored, and Cyrus Kennedy is revolutionizing how we see people in business and other sectors. His work is helping humanity evolve one individual at a time.

Contact Info:
Name: Cyrus Kennedy
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Organization: XQ Innovation
Address: Irvine, CA, United States
Phone: (855) 944-4411
Website: https://xqinnovation.com/

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