Leading Cosmetics Brand Thermalabs Launches Bath Exfoliator with 1 Year Guarantee

Thermalabs has launched its bath exfoliator product, with a full 1 Year guarantee.

Thermalabs is a leading cosmetics brand that has become popular due to their top quality formulations for organic tanning products. The company has announced that its recently released premium bath exfoliator will come with a Full 1 Year Warranty. Thermalabs goes to record as the ONLY Company to offer this kind of confidence guarantee for an exfoliating glove. Apparently, the move is aimed to show confidence in the company’s newest launch. Thermalabs has been known to make bold bets on its products, perhaps inspired by a history of success in the marketplace. A Full Year Guarantee means customers can try the product for an entire 12 months and ask for a full refund if they are not satisfied with the results at any time during the duration.

Thermalabs was launched about 2 years ago by a Young team of innovative owners. The company’s first-ever launch was a lotion going by the name Natural Self Tanner. This is a premium product that featured premium ingredients including Aloe leaf Juice and Japanese Green Tea Leaf extract. Though there are immense challenges that startups face when they first hit the market, Thermalabs managed to sell over 1000 units of the Natural Self Tanner within the first 24 hours. Within the first one year, the company had attracted over 50, 000 customers from around the globe. Thermalabs has since then expanded its global community to hundreds of thousands of buying customers. In addition to its initial product, the Natural Self Tanner, the company scored a lot of success with its two subsequent releases, namely the Glow2Go tanning wipes, and the Ultimitt tanning applicator mitt. All three of these products have helped the company generate massive revenue. Glow2Go and the Ultimitt are perennial best sellers in several of Amazon.com’s categories.

Critics have extensively debated the factors that led to Thermalabs success. One key point of agreement is that the company’s focus on green, organic and highly natural products led to a massive surge of customers interested in its offering. Since its launch product, Thermalabs has managed to maintain a high quality for their formulations. The company is also dedicated to a cancer-free world. Thus, all of its formulations are produced with this goal in mind. In the last few years, the company has been contributing 10% of its proceeds to charity, including skincare nonprofits and educational institutes that actively research to find a cure for cancer. This noble approach has been instrumental in evolving Thermalabs from a mere start-up into a successful, profitable company.

Alex Howard, the company’s marketing co-coordinator, said, “Thermalabs is glad to announce a Full 1 Year Guarantee on our latest launch, the premium bath exfoliator. We are delighted to be the first company in this industry to offer such a confidence guarantee on any exfoliation glove product. That just illustrates how confident we are in our products, and gives your plenty of reason to trust and try this 3 premium bath exfoliator glove pack that features all-natural ingredients.”

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