Leading Company Ajax Exterminating Scales Up Residential And Commercial Pest Removal Services In Houston

Ajax Exterminating leads the charge in providing reliable and quality pest control services such as ant, rodent, cockroach, and mosquito control to residential and commercial establishments in Houston and surrounding areas.

Top pest control company Ajax Exterminating has scaled up efforts to provide complete pest control services to homes and businesses in Houston, Texas, and surrounding areas.

"A home is a special place where people can feel relaxed, safe, and in control. However, despite making an effort to clean it constantly, it's inevitable to have unwanted guests. Bugs are pesky and could make their way inside drawers, cabinets, and bedrooms. That's where Ajax Exterminating comes into the picture," a representative of the company said in a statement.

Ajax Exterminating pest control is committed to providing the very best service to protect against those filthy pests and prevent them from entering homes or offices.

The company offers comprehensive treatments for insect and rodent infestations, among others. For its ant control services, the company treats the entire yard, including flower beds, and backs it up with a season-long guarantee that if homeowners see fire ants, the Ajax pest control team will come back and treat them again for free.

Ajax Exterminating takes pride in its courteous and experienced technicians who carefully apply products that work fast for customers, their pets and family, and are designed to target places in and outside of homes where bugs are most likely to be.

In providing quality pest control solutions, the company's licensed exterminators conduct a thorough inspection of a home to check for any insect activity or harborage areas where they hide. They also check for gaps or holes around pipes, doors, and windows that may allow insects or rodents to access the home or business.

The Ajax team of experts then checks the inside of the property, including the garage and attic, for any evidence of rodents or wild animals such as droppings or any other signs. It then reviews its findings with homeowners prior to the service to address any concerns.

The experts then use a unique bait labeled as green by the manufacturer in the attic to treat pests such as roaches and silverfish. The Ajax pest control team will then apply a professional-grade bait product to cracks and crevices in the home in areas that kids and pets can't get to. The insects take the bait back to the colony and share it, which kills them all.

Outside, the team applies a product that kills and repels insects around window and door sills, foundation, and weep holes. Once this is done, a bait matrix that holds up in the rain is applied to the perimeter of the home and garage, as well as flower beds and areas of insect harborage. The specialists also kill wasp nests they come across as well as remove spider webs. Finally, the team looks for any termite activity after killing any ant mounds it finds in the yard.

Those who want to learn more about Ajax Exterminating's pest control Houston services may visit the website for more information.

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