Leading Automotive Headlight Replacement Company Launches Official Video Channel

Headlight Direct LLC, a leader in the online automotive headlight marketplace, officially announces the launch of their official video channel.

Since being online for over 2 years now, Headlight Direct LLC, a leading automotive headlight company, has become the premier destination for online replacement headlights. This is mainly due to competitive pricing and most of all for excellent customer service. Because of the company's constant feedback with their customers and consistent interaction with their Facebook fan base, the managing partners all agreed that video really was a necessary component they were lacking. In order to bring awareness of what the company does and to properly represent the headlights that they sell, the company is proud to announce the official Headlight Direct YouTube video channel which can be found at https://www.youtube.com/user/HeadlightDirect.

“We have always been aware that video had to be a big part of our company marketing because let's face it, video is what people want to see”, states Sam Teng, managing partner of Headlight Direct. He goes on to further say, “Partnering up with the right companies that shared the same vision with us was key to pushing forward with a move into video as they all had established channels already in place”. This long awaited transition was further delayed because of technical hurdles and other unforeseen obstacles but now with relationships involving these mentioned key players, expect to see much more video content to be produced by this progressive team.

We are grateful to find colleagues in the industry that are both helpful and have a genuine interest in our success”, says Mark Ramos, marketing director of Headlight Direct. “Through their help, we will be able to produce more consistent and relevant information pertinent to the headlights we sell, plus inject some of our personalities into the scripts when we have the chance!”

With only a few videos currently live on the channel to set the stage, one in particular has already garnered the attention of automotive enthusiasts around the country. This video, featuring twins who are mesmerizing in their delivery, perfectly recite in unison the newest slogan of the company, which has reportedly gotten the company much favorable response.

About Headlight Direct LLC

Headlight Direct LLC is the best source for replacement, aftermarket, and custom headlights. Whatever make and model of car the customer owns, the company will be able to provide a suitable headlight choice. Give Headlight Direct a call today and find out why the competition is not even close.

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Name: Sam Teng
Email: info@headlightdirect.com
Phone: (785)288-6727
Organization: Headlight Direct LLC

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