Leader Recruitment Program for 4Jnet Global Alliances “Supreme leader 100”

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4J.Net has opened 5,000 limited edition NFTs

4Jnet team is pleased to announce the recruit of 100 opinion leaders. They will be officially awarded the title of global limited alliance “Supreme leader 100”. Along with establishing the 4Jnet foundation.

Leader Recruitment Plan for 4Jnet Global Alliances “Supreme leader 100”

4J.Net has opened 5,000 limited edition NFTs that can be purchased by investors around the world. A hundred of them are purchased from the foundation and will be provided to the globally influential leaders for free. You can apply for them when you are satisfied with the conditions. If you are accepted, the foundation will provide the “Supreme leader 100” special logo for free. At the same time, you can develop the alliance teams and lead them to enjoy permanent dividends.

The leaders must have the following standards: 10,000+ followers, 1,000+ active users

1. Personal account of social platform in Telegram / YouTube / Ins / Facebook / Twitter / Tik Tok.
2. Personal organized community.

If you have already purchased 4Jnet.NFT as ahead of the alliance, you will be eligible for internal recommendation as “Supreme leader 100”. If you are accepted from the recommendation, you will receive dividends in combination with the “Supreme leader 100” later. The more your recommendations are made, the more dividends you can get.

4J.Net Foundation

The goal of the foundation provided is to expand the 4J.Net ecosystem and manage 4J.Net's resources. At the same time helping the DeFi ecosystem and development in NFTs to explore the Metaverse. Financial returns are not our priority. We believe that the long-term setting of the fund and support for the project will have a long-term impact and far-reaching implications for the development of the entire 4J.Net financial ecosystem.


The DeFi platform, which integrates IEO and DAO, will do its best to provide a one-step liquidity service for higher-quality assets and provide users with a safe, reliable, diversified asset value-added and cost-effective trading experience. Now, the 4Jnet platform is about to gradually open in five major product functions and enjoy dividends through coin holdings, alliances, roles, etc. It helps to build a safe, reliable and highly autonomous economic model. 4J.Net will also continue to explore financial innovations that combine Metaverse and DeFi to provide users with a high standard financial ecosystem in the future.

Marketing and business partnership offer: marketing@4j.net

For more information and applying for the benefits, refer to the 4Jnet website.

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