Leader In Business Training Re-Launches Emotional Intelligence Course For 2022

Ciara Aspinall is re-launching her emotional intelligence training to assist businesses with the new needs of 2022. She believes it will help people increase productivity and improve work environments.

Ciara Aspinall of Pinpointing Potential is pleased to announce that she is re-launching her emotional intelligence training course. She believes that the emotional intelligence training she offers will support both employers and employees in achieving their goals.

According to Ciara, an industry leader in emotional intelligence training, emotional intelligence can make a significant impact on organisational performance in a business. Emotions drive people and people drive performance. Ciara points to this as being a clear link between the way people feel and how they perform in their positions.

Ciara also wants businesses to note the results of a 2019 Capgemini report which suggested that organisations can achieve returns that are up to four times higher by investing in emotional intelligence skills.

Ciara suggests that emotional training can provide numerous benefits for businesses including:

- Increased levels of productivity
- Higher employee satisfaction
- Increases in market share
- Improved mental and emotional wellbeing
- Reduced fear of job loss
- More openness to change

She is confident that any business team that uses her emotional intelligence training will be able to take advantage of these key benefits as well as countless others.

The virtual instructor-led program provides six highly interactive lessons where attendees learn how they connect and how they influence others. Through this training employees can learn how to enhance their leadership skills and understand how to build on personal relationships while also improving their well-being.

About Pinpointing Potential

Pinpointing Potential is based on the concept that businesses must now go beyond previous limits to find out what their employees want and need, before delivering it. Ciara Aspinall believes that this is key to ensuring that companies thrive on the market. Ciara is a certified practitioner and has experience working with Genos International. The company is now one of the leading providers of emotional intelligence training worldwide.

Using Pinpointing Potential Ciara has built up a solid track record of driving businesses forward and developing strategies that align with the company’s vision as well as their values. Her mission is to provide companies with the training that they need so that they can empower their employees and help them accomplish their goals on the market. Ciara is confident that her emotional intelligence training will help businesses tackle the new challenges they face this year head on.

More information about Pinpointing Potential can be found on the business website. Alternatively, a representative for the company can be contacted using the information provided below.

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