LD Hardas Photography Expands Operations In San Francisco

San Francisco, CA -- LD Hardas announced plans to expand his up and coming photography business, and offer services to a nationwide clientele. The announcement arrives on the heels of blossoming success and the recently launched website of LD Hardas photography. With the ability to now reach customers in San Francisco and beyond who are interested in commercial vision, personal memories, or creative freedom, the photographer is welcoming increased exposure to a larger market.

For this Photographer in San Francisco, life is a personal journey dependent on the realization and development of creative vision. According to LD Hardas, photography is more than a hobby; it is life as he knows it. Born in India, this young artist moved to the United States as a child, and graduated from UC Berkeley. He realized early on, working for his high school newspaper, that his passion was creating the perfect, eternal photograph. After receiving his degree, he quickly garnered a growing reputation among the San Francisco art community, providing photos capturing fashion, beauty, people, and landscapes to a diverse client base.

According to Hardas, being a photographer revolves around patience, creativity, and a devotion to making the moment. Creative photography, in his eyes, offers valuable insight into the human condition and state of nature. Ever since his father handed him a Polaroid camera at a young age, Hardas has used photography every single day. He finds beauty in each ounce of freedom that one has; unnoticed details often come into sharp focus for him. As a result, he has amassed a large photo gallery depicting a vision based on creative freedom.

This vision has translated into success for the young photographer. Hardas quickly became a name to look for within the San Francisco art scene and Northern California. LD has delivered professional and artistic photographs to hundreds of corporate and private clients throughout the Bay area. His resume of work captures sublime, unforgettable moments through fashion, location, and human expression. Named a Rising Star by several young art publications throughout the city and surrounding areas, Hardas's business has garnered both strong reviews and a growing business.

With the recent expansion, Hardas continues to progress toward offering his work to clients throughout the country. The photographer's vision for the future includes capturing life's greatest moments and subtle details. The photographer's services include portrait photography, corporate photos, landscape and interior photography, and wedding and engagements.

A self-proclaimed tech-savvy artist, Hardas can be reached through a variety of social media platforms. Clients can find him on LD Hardas Twitter, in addition to LinkedIn and Facebook. Based in San Francisco, the photographer can easily be reached, and his wide resume of expanding work is available to view online.

About LD Hardas Photography

LD Hardas Photography is an expanding San Francisco based company focusing on fashion, beauty, people, landscape, and architecture. Currently a one-man operation, the studio boasts an impressive gallery of creative photographs composed and created by LD Hardas, a UC Berkeley graduate born in India and raised in the United States. The photographer's services are available to both individual and corporate clients.


LD Hardas

LD Hardas


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