LC Container Launches Exclusive Custom Refurbished Storage And Shipping Containers

Refurbished containers fill needs while cutting costs and reducing consumption reports LC Container.

While the nation attempts to recover from the recent economic recession, concerns over environmental factors continue to grow. Financial hardships have led to a need to cut costs in both commercial and residential sectors. Decreasing amounts of readily available natural resources in the face of an increasing demand for such materials have brought about increased efforts to re-purpose existing items, particularly those constructed of metal. In light of these evolving standards, LC Container has launched their exclusive line of refurbished custom storage and shipping containers.

Eric Leger of LC Container confirmed, "Our steel storage and shipping container boxes are carefully selected for quality and durability. Upon our customers' request, we can provide custom shipping containers with tailored rebuilds and paint jobs to meet any needs and to fit within any budget. Our storage containers have been used for a number of purposes. We offer both new and used units for rental or purchase, and standard pricing can be found on our website."

Delving into the nature of steel cargo storage containers, it seems they provide countless functions. Such units are initially built to withstand a number of factors. They are designed for shipping cargo across both land and sea; therefore, they are manufactured to take on maximum weights without losing structural integrity. Through repeated transport, they are subjected to extreme abuse, harsh weather conditions and salt water due to carriage across ocean by cargo ships.

Further research reveals these units are being used in a number of fields. Many companies utilize re-purposed storage containers as mobile offices in the construction industry. They can also be used as field offices during ecological study and natural disaster relief efforts. Along these lines, the potential of these structures is being explored for use as temporary shelters for families devastated by hurricanes, floods, earthquakes and other catastrophes. They have been used in the construction of permanent homes, various commercial buildings, underground fallout shelters and numerous other applications.

While used cargo containers are currently most widely refurbished and used for their storage capabilities, they are useful in lowering expenses for businesses, reducing the amount of materials used in the manufacture of new structures and fulfilling various needs across the globe.

Concluded Leger, "We have several sizes available for our customers. Those hoping to use our containers for storage may be interested in our custom paint jobs to match the trademark of their company. We can modify containers to fill any purpose, and if we do not have a container that meets a customer's requirements, we can provide custom made containers as well. We also deliver our containers anywhere within the lower 48 states."

About LC Containers:
LC Containers provides multi-trip, steel, sea and land, storage/conex container boxes for a number of purposes. They offer tailored paint jobs, modifications and custom builds as well as delivery and moving services for their containers

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