LAVA Imports Ecstatic With Amazon Results of Their Azure Padlock Trainer Launch

LAVA Imports Inc. management was surprised and encouraged by the overwhelmingly strong demand for their ingenious translucent padlock trainer recently launched on Amazon. This innovative translucent padlock allows the student to peer inside a fully functional lock while it is being picked.

“The demand for this product exceeded our expectations.” said Matt Perry, Director of Sales for LAVA Imports Inc. who manufactures the lock pick set for beginners under their Azure Locks brand, “We went live on the North American Amazon sites and they sold like wild fire!”

The market for the product is not the nefarious criminal element that one might expect. The typical consumer is actually a male, 18 to 35 years old, that has interests in Do-It-Yourself projects and an unquenchable passion to tinker and understand how things work. “Picture a young MacGyver character from early 90’s television show. They tinker with things as a hobby. They love the challenge of unlocking a locked padlock", says Perry, “This guy loves the challenge of a good puzzle.”

In fact, in general, the Locksport hobby has come out of the shadows and is now much more mainstream. There are now organized lock picking events, put on by Maker Spaces and Hacker Clubs, which provide challenges and related activities for members this vibrant and growing lock picking community to become involved in.

The Azure Locks – Lock Picking Trainer feeds a need for providing the novice locksmith with early successes. The kit includes a complete set of the most popular lock picks, a downloadable training guide and an innovative, full–sized, translucent padlock that allows the student to peer inside the lock while it is being picked. “The rookie can actually see how all the parts inside the lock work and react to each other as the lock is being exploited. The student can now visualize the interior of the lock and understand what is happening thus equating the sensations being felt through the pick to what they are seeing visually inside the lock. “This visual feedback is what makes this training tool such a leap forward”, says Perry “it appears to be the missing link, especially if the student is predominantly a hands-on visual learner.”

When the Azure Lock was launched on Amazon, sales were brisk right out of the gate. This rapid sales velocity did create unanticipated, temporary, inventory shortfalls for the company. Perry states, “You never want to run out of inventory but we are over those bumps and are fully stocked on both North American Amazon platforms. We look forward to even further sales increases going forward.”

The unique Azure Locks, lock picking training package is available on Amazon at

LAVA Imports Inc. produces technology that’s creative and relates to people of many varied cultures. With production facilities overseas, the company’s channel includes retailers throughout North America, and distributor partners worldwide.

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