Launching Block Technology Solutions Project

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official launch of Block Technology Solutions Project

Block Technology Solutions Corporation will officially launch the Block Technology Solutions Project. This is a project implemented with state-of-the-art technology that provides digital solutions increasing novel experience, solving life problems, and creating opportunities to increase wealth for communities around the globe.

Block Technology Solutions is proud to be a corporation operating for more than 10 years in the field of Blockchain, Big Data, AI in the US as well as around the world. Its branch at Kansas City, the largest city in the state of Missouri, along with the genius management of MR. William E Quick. BTS was established to provide a financial platform based on advanced technology, creating belief in the cryptocurrency system and offering a complete solution to enhance the community’s life with products applied in the Ecosystem.

The BTS Project is considered as a new step in group development. With a powerful financial resources support and a team of highly specialized engineers, BTS has made a difference in every aspect: BTS develops unbreakable applications connecting more than 60 communities and partners globally, providing practical value with products such as BTS REVIEW, BTS eCommerce. BTS Wallet and BTS social network. Besides, Blockchain with TRONX protocol allows the BTS project to globally scale, securely and transparently transact, and achieve a balance of performance and sustainability against the environment.

BTS Project will launch four important ecosystems, which are prerequisites for the growth of the community. In which, each one plays a distinct role, providing a unique experience and value.

1: BTS Review is the first transparent assessment application of Blockchain, applied in all fields and industries. It can store accurate feedback reviews from users on the other hand offer consumer outreach opportunities for businesses.
2:With BTS Wallet, the decentralized and secure p2p e-wallet will serve Blockchain enthusiasts and crypto holders globally.
3: BTS E-commerce: E-Commerce has become an indispensable market for business, BTS believes this will be its strength in the upcoming time when E-commerce application will bring much value in terms of cost reduction, customer expansion, product promotion, and marketing… along with that of 24/356 days of dedicated consumer service, having the cheapest price in the market under the discount policy from the manufacturers export.
4: BTS GAME: You will get lost in Las Vegas at night when participating in the BTS Game, not only joining in exciting games for free, BTS will also give you experiences with VIP services and design, casino tournaments, and attractive promotions.

All the activities on BTS and ecosystem will be based on the asset platform, which is a BTS TOKEN. With the official token of BTS, the number of tokens to be marketed will 100 billion of which each sale is 50 blocks, equivalent to 45 Billion tokens. Especially when investing in BTS Token investors will receive corresponding digital shares. These differences will create vastly greater value and investment opportunities for the community. To achieve that success, BTS shared its development roadmap with everyone in the upcoming time.

Quarter 3, 2019: Market research and roadmap structure construction.
Quarter 1, 2020: Project implementation commencement, staffing allocation for ecosystems.
Quarter 3, 2020: Demonstration run of BTS WALLET platform.
Quarter 1, 2021: ICO and the launch of BTS Wallet, The global e-commerce platform BTS will be put into use.
Quarter 3, 2021: Exchanging on international exchanges
Quarter 4, 2021: The launch of the Review application
Quarter 1, 2022: Jackpot online Application is released to the market

Mr. William E Quick, CEO of Block Technology Solutions, said: “Although at the current time, Covid epidemic will continue to affect the economy, yet all human-serving activities are done on the Internet, so this is an opportunity for the group to promote the project after nearly 2 years of implementation. We have a carefully prepared background in technology, human resource, and financial platform. At the beginning of 2021, the project will be launch in the grandeur, we are ambitious that this will be a leading technology project, bringing a new standard, challenging the old, and creating a sustainable new digital marketplace that spreads globally.
BTS - “Our World Is Changing. Together, We Can Change It For The Better”

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Company Number: LC1112070
Incorporation Date: 14 January 2011 (almost 10 years ago)
Registered Address:700 West 47th Street Suite 200, Kansas City 64112, Missouri, United States

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Name: David Miller
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