Launch of Probutin antibiotic on the Bac Si Nha Nong website

Bac Si Nha Nong has recently launched a Probutin antibiotic on their website which helps in defeating the EMS epidemic. Read below to know more.

Recently, the Probutin antibiotic was launched on the Bac Si Nha Nong website, a renowned website that lists medicines for pisciculture and prawn culture. The company is hoping that this will help them to defeat EMS which leads to the death of many aquatic animals. Probutin is a quick acting anti-biotic which is able to defeat the problems.

The Bac Si Nha Nong website has sourced this product from Italy and it has been developed by Pharmacia Spa after extensive research. The medicine helps in providing nutrition to the shrimp so that they do not die off prematurely. It mainly helps in limiting the intestinal issues that the shrimps generally face which leads to their untimely death.

Probutin is an antibiotic that contains Mycobutin along with organic things that are extracted from natural items. This formula is much more active compared to those that only contains Mycobutin in them. It comes in powder form in a 500-gram package.

The owner of Bac Si Nha Nong says, “We have always stocked on medicines that will help to retain the aquatic lifeforms without giving them any side effects. We seek to provide all the information that someone will need when they are applying this medicine to the feed of the prawns or fishes. Our website only stocks on those products that have guaranteed quality to them as we do not want to harm the hard work of any person. They just need to follow the directions present on our website. We have sourced Probuting from one of the best laboratories in Italy to help our customers.”

Probutin needs to be administered in the right way so that it isn’t too low or too high. It also needs to be stored in the right way so that the antibiotic doesn’t get worse due to improper storage. The Bac Si Nha Nong website is one of the best places to source this anti-biotic when people are in Vietnam. They also deliver it nationwide so the customer does not need to worry about the place where they want to get the antibiotic.

To order one just needs to visit and click on Probutin and add it to cart. Then all they need to do is order it with the help of the delivery address and contact details. The website even has counseling support for people who want to inquire about a product that is available on the website.

Bacsinhanong hopes that people get help from their website so that Probutin can help to minimize the number of EMS shrimp deaths present right now. We can hope to see a great turn out as more people get to know about this anti-biotic.

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