Launch of Eluxe Magazine Satisfies Eco-friendly and Luxury Market Needs

Eluxe Magazine is the web's first magazine dedicated to the high-end luxury market.

With climate change becoming a stark reality, high-end luxury goods consumers are beginning to demand that what they buy comes from sustainable sources. However, information about a how eco-friendly a company may be can be difficult for consumers to find, so Eluxe Magazine has been created to help.

Elegant, ethical and ecological, Eluxe Magazine is dedicated to all that is eco-luxurious, offering its readers guidance for selecting the most ethical purchases possible, from evening gowns and engagement rings to hybrid luxury cars and home decor.

Glossy, sharp images of the latest in eco-luxury homes, fashion, beauty and technology are sure to inspire, while enlightening and often controversial articles written by savvy journalists are guaranteed to entertain and inform.

The concept is the brainchild of Chere Di Boscio, the Editor of Prestige International Magazine in Paris and a former Editor of Velvet Magazine in Dubai. Chere's experience with these two publications made her realise that while most luxury brands are still very wasteful and ignorant of ecological concerns, a growing number is starting to consider their environmental impact, and is taking serious action to reduce this.

She created Eluxe to focus on such companies, which include the Gucci Group, Porche, Cartier and Bvulgari. "High-end luxury brands know that the label 'eco-friendly' often means a product has sacrificed design or quality to be 'green', so they are reluctant to market themselves as such. However, the truth is that many companies that few would ever consider eco-friendly actually have a stricter sustainability policies in place than some so-called 'green' brands." Her goal, she says, is to make consumers aware of this through Eluxe, but also to stress the concept of slow fashion: "high fashion may be more expensive than fast fashion, but it's better for the environment: workers are treated and paid better, people buy fewer pieces, so there is less landfill, and they are usually made from more natural, biodegradable materials", she says.

Digitally published in English from the fashion capital of the world, Paris, Eluxe Magazine firmly believes that the new luxury is based in sustainability.

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